Mantenna - Monday, November 3

November 3, 2008

What Jessica Biel regrets about her teenage years, why Terrence Howard was dumped from the Iron Man sequel, and what your girl risks by watching Sex and The's all after the jump in today's Mantenna!

Jessica Biel Regrets Thing That Made Her Famous

Jessica Biel has told Entertainment Weekly that she regrets posing semi-nude for Gear Magazine back in 2000 when she was 17.  She told them that the “photo shoot was just a really bad decision on my part and I got myself involved with people who weren't thinking about me and were instead thinking about what kind of a story they could get out of it. I learned a whole lot from the experience, so it was definitely a blessing in disguise." It is thought that Biel agreed to the racy shoot in order to get fired from the wholesome Christian family drama 7th Heaven. The photos outraged fans and the producers of the show, however she was not released from her contract. [Egotastic!]

Sexy TV Causes Babies

A new study shows that television programs such as Gossip Girl and Sex and the City are linked to risky teenage sex. The research shows that girls who watch such “racy” TV have a greater chance of getting knocked up, than those that watch less sexually charged television.  The study involved 2003 boys and girls nationwide, aged 12 – 17, who were questioned about the viewing habits. The results show that teens who watched the sexiest show were more likely to have unprotected sex and were twice as likely to become pregnant than those who did not. [Daily News]

Farrellys Finally Set to do Three Stooges

After trying to get Warner Bros. to let them direct a contemporary take on The Three Stooges, MGM has finally hired the Farrelly Brothers (who did There’s Something About Mary) to bring the Stooges to the big screen. At this point, the release is set for November 20, 2009. Earl and Robert Benjamin are going to produce. Will the Stooges translate to a more contemporary setting for younger audiences? If anyone can pull it off, it’s the Farrellys. [Variety]

Terrence Howard Dropped from Iron Man Sequel Because He Was Bad


That’s pretty much the gist of it. Terrence Howard’s termination from the Iron Man franchise had more to do with his poor performance and difficult attitude on set than anything to do with money or profits. Short and simple. Don Cheadle is, by and large, recognized to be the better actor, and no one has ever had anything but good things to say about working with him, so it’s no surprise Howard would get swapped with Cheadle. It sucks, it’s probably not fair, and it’s gotta hurt. But it also might be a lot better for Iron Man 2. [The Movie Blog]

How Math Unraveled the "Hard Day's Night" Mystery

The intro chord to the Beatles classic “A Hard Day’s Night” has always been a pretty complex sound. There were allegedly no overdubs, but definitely more notes than John, Paul, and George could've played. Professor Brown of Dalhousie University cracked the chord recently, and it only took him six months and some insane mathematical skills. So what was the answer? George Martin played five notes on the piano. [Wired]

Microsoft is ALL up in Apple’s Grill

The new Microsoft “I’m a PC” campaign that is a direct response to the wildly successful Mac vs. PC Apple campaign is starting in sort of an underhanded way:  They’re just setting up kiosks outside Apple stores. Hopefully this campaign works out better than the ill-fated Gates/Seinfeld comedic duo of earlier this year. Clever marketing or sour grapes? Microsoft has rolled out the latest phase of its $300 million dollar marketing campaign, in the form of kiosks--at least one of which has been strategically parked directly outside an Apple store. [Gearlog]

Man Builds Live-in Tomb, Buries Self in Irony


73-year-old Brazilian Freud de Melo is building a tomb that can sustain him with food and water because, in 2008 (or 09?) you just never know when you’re going to betrayed (or just sleeping really deeply) and thrown into an early grave, buried alive.  From the article: "I have awful, awful nightmares of trying to dig myself out from underground," says Mr. de Melo, whose physician father named him, presciently, for the pioneer of dream analysis.” [Gizmodo]

Tesla Motors Gets a Stay of Execution

Last week, dark clouds loomed around the electric car maker as indications they were running out of money seemed to spell impending doom. But in the zero hour, the all-electric automaker secured $40 million in financing to move forward with ramping up production of its battery-powered sports car, the Tesla Roadster. The San Carlos, California-based automaker has more than 1,200 orders for the $109,000 roadster, but has delivered just over 50 to date. The new financing is good news to be sure, but Tesla is still far from being out of the woods. [Valleywag]

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