Robert Pattinson Hates Va-jay-jays

February 19, 2010

Spending 12 hours with two naked models is most guys’ idea of a perfect day. Not Twilight star Robert Pattinson.

The actor, who makes squillions of teenage girls weak at the knees, appears on the cover of the current issue of Details magazine, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Inside the mag, the supposed heartthrob appears in a sexy pictorial with two naked models. It would seem Pattinson didn’t enjoy spending so much time with the opposite sex. In an interview with the mag Pattinson outlines how he did not enjoy the photo shoot at all.

According to him there was way too much va-jay-jay around and Pattinson is apparently not a big fan of that body part. In fact it makes him sick. He tells the magazine:

I really hate vaginas. I'm allergic to vagina. But I can't say I had no idea, because it was a 12-hour shoot, so you kind of get the picture that these women are going to stay naked after, like, five or six hours. But I wasn't exactly prepared. I had no idea what to say to these girls. Thank God I was hungover.

To be fair the guy is English and did make the comment after his 4th beer, so he may have been tipsy or something. Plus, he's English. Actually, who are we trying to kid-- there is no excuse for that comment.

Would you be turned off by these naked women?


Source: Details magazine