Whiny Parents Want to Legislate Against Photoshop

October 11, 2011

Look, we get it: standards of beauty and image are a real problem for women across the country. This isn't going to stop us from looking at bikini models all day, because hey, sensitivity only goes so far. But at the same time we do understand that it's important girls understand that celebrities have professional trainers, eat like rabbits, and often get digitally altered to be perfect.

Then again, we also think people who feel the need to slap a disclaimer on everything are a bunch of wimps. But that isn't stopping Off Our Chests from leading the charge against...uh...Photoshop.

Yes, they want to have warning labels placed on every Photoshopped image of a celebrity. You know, because a little box of text placed on an image will be observed by a six-year-old, who will then read it in rapt attention and absorb all of its contents, taking the message to heart. Kids, like, totally totally do that. For serious, you guys.

OK, so we're being a wee bit sarcastic here, but that's because this seems just a wee bit of an overreaction on the part of, well, parents and seems more geared towards making them feel better for buying fashion magazines than actually doing anything. Also because, let's face it, even without Photoshop, we're talking about people whose livelihood depends on being hot: take away the software and instead they'll just work out more, and probably get more plastic surgery. So, really, any way you slice it, the self esteem of future generations is screwed.

Photo: Kansas City Star/McClatchy-Tribune/Getty Images