Gamer Girls Now Have the Perfect Excuse to Strip

April 6, 2010

A French burlesque dancer inspired by video games has created a collection of pasties for that gamer-girl who likes to strip and that stripper who likes playing video games. See the sexy breast stickers after the jump.

The pasties were designed by French burlesque dancer Lady Tornade. The video game-inspired nipple concealers come in two styles, the Super Mario Bros. Power-Up Mushrooms and a set that includes Blinky and Pac-Man. Nom Nom. The pasties are “hand-sewn sequin by sequin” and come with a pack of special adhesive. Lady Tornade sells them for roughly $40 - $54.

Gamer girls, it's time to get your strip on!

What do you think? Would you buy some for your lady friend?


Source: Kotaku