Matt Damon Discusses Next Bourne Movie

September 11, 2009

In a recent interview Matt Damon talked about the possibility of a fourth Bourne movie, and what would have to happen for it to get made. From what it sounds like both he and director Paul Greengrass are down to do part four. But will that be enough to make this a reality?

Matt Damon gave an interview to the good folks over at Collider, and here's what he said about a new Bourne movie:

We are really serious about trying to get the story and the script right because the only thing more disappointing than not having another one of these movies is, for us or for movie fans is would be to make one that isn’t good. Because everyone would say, “they should have quit after three.” And we’d feel that way too.

So if there are obstacles to this film getting made, it's certainly not Damon or Greengrass. It all comes down to the script and the story, and having new material for this franchise to mine. They've definitely played out the whole Jason-can't-remember-anything angle.

As to whether or not Damon has actually read any of the scripts the writers at Universal have been working on, he said this:

Not yet.  [Greengrass has] been on vacation for about three weeks and he’s going to take a few more and then he said he’d come to New York and we’d sit down and we’d talk seriously about it. 

It's nice to have all the rumors put aside and hear some news straight from the horse's mouth, even if the horse doesn't have much to say about the project at this point. Still, it sounds like a fourth film has become a real possibility. If an entire studio can't manage to knock out another story then what's the world come to?

How about you -- would you prefer the franchise to end with the last film, or are you ready for more?

Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images