Cubs Fans Just Need a Way to Cope

December 1, 2009

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, why not give the gift of medicinal paraphernalia to that Chicago Cubs fan in your life that hasn't quite found a way to deal with 101 straight years of mind-numbing disappointment?

For just $6.00 (or 160 Francs for Derrek Lee supporters in Belgium) you can give a Cubs fan the chance to let his or her sorrows go up in smoke at the end of every single "Oh come on, he's injured again?" and "Why the hell is Sean Marshall starting?" moments that have become annual personifications of the team's futility.

And even though this product doesn't come with a lifetime warrantee, it's stealth "for tobacco use" disclaimer will be useful for years to come - as the chances of the Cubs winning a World Series before marijuana is legalized are virtually non-existent.