Join the Mile-High Club on 9/11, Get a Free Visit From the SWAT Team

September 13, 2011

The mile-high club has a long and storied history, proving that there is pretty much no location so cramped, uncomfortable, or dangerous that we won't want to get it on. And, normally, joining it is mostly a matter of timing your visits right and hoping nobody knocks. Unless it's 9/11.

Then...well...let's just say people are a little more on edge.

So a couple going to Detroit learned the hard way when they slipped into the lavatory to get it on. Passengers, freaked out because HOLY CRAP TWO PEOPLE ARE IN THE BATHROOM, alerted the crew, who in turn got on the horn to the police. It went so far up the chain that two F-16 jets were scrambled by NORAD and escorted the plane to Detroit Metro Airport.

Once it landed, in an isolated section of the airport, a SWAT team stormed the jet, ran down the aisle, and dragged three people, two men and a woman off in handcuffs. Then two hours were spent interviewing all 116 people on the flight, possibly to determine why anybody would want to go to Detroit.

The three people arrested were ultimately released with no charges, in case you were wondering. Amazing, having sex on an airplane is not a crime. Just freaking out the passengers. So, in other words, go for missionary.

Photo: Dazeley/The Image Bank/Getty Images

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