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NFL Star Refuses to Give Strip Club Positive Yelp Review

by davidbreitman   November 01, 2010 at 2:42PM  |  Views: 124

Finding fun places to watch a humiliated psychology major dance naked to the smooth sounds of Van Halen while truck drivers throw spare change at her six-inch heels can be difficult. Just ask Stylez White, an NFL star who posted a scathing review of the Phoenix strip club scene two nights before a crucial NFC showdown.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers sack specialist wanted to prepare for his game against the Arizona Cardinals by stuffing dollar bills down the g-string of a young woman stripping her way through college. Though White was able to locate a promising venue he was vocally underwhelmed by their operation.

Via Twitter, the guy who legally changed his name in order to pay homage to a Teen Wolf character said the following:

@stylezwhite U can’t smoke in AZ and I mean cigars! WTF! This trip blows! Strip clubs too!

Come on, Arizona! What’s the deal? The man just wants to light up a cigar and awkwardly stare at some surgically-enhanced breasts 36 hours before taking the field. Why are you trying to ruin his weekend?

Photo: G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images