Japan Solves the Pee Splashback Issue

May 21, 2009

In support of sitting down while on the can, Larry David once declared, "While you're pissing on your shoes, I'm learning something!" Well, Larry, it looks like the Japanese have solved the piss shoes problem, once and for all.Man junk can be an unwieldy beast, and this never more evident than in the bathroom. Add a few beers to the mix, and who knows what'll happen!


Accordingly, some intrepid inventor in Japan (presumably someone's annoyed wife, if the cherubic, gloriously un-masculine illustrations are any indicator) decided that splash prevention is in fact more important than your dignity, and created the Angel Knee Pillows.


That's right, they're pissing knee pads. Somehow, I just can't imagine seeing people toting these badboys with them to the bar, and it'll be a cold day in hell when I'd be willing to kneel down at a urinal, public or otherwise. So... good luck with that, Japan!

Images: djmick.co.uk