Badges of Honor from the Console Wars

March 13, 2009

You may not be old enough to remember times like these, but when I was your age we didn’t have fancy “user interfaces” or “online multiplayer.”  These badges tell a story in 16-bits that still brings a tear to my eye.

Hell, if we wanted thumbsticks we had to buy aftermarket controllers.  These were tough times, sonny, but they made me the man I am today.  That’s why I wear these badges with honor and a quiet dignity.  It’s also why I’ve got crippling carpal tunnel syndrome.  Open this beer for me.

Cash in your bonds and order your own badges from Supermandolini for $23. Or, for you younger gentleman, order the pins from the 5th generation “international policing incident” or the first (greatest?) generation’s war.


Source: Supermandolini