Mantenna - Monday, July 19

July 19, 2010

JWwow’s got a missing belly button, Zsa Zsa Gabor breaks a few bones, and Michael Jordan has some things to say about these kids today...the Mantenna was born to be wild!

Source: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

JWwow’s Missing Belly Button

While the cast of Jersey Shore may currently be on strike as they negotiate a third season contract, JWwow can be seen in the pages of Maxim magazine modeling a sexy red swimsuit. The bikini-clad reality television star shows off her bodacious body but is strangely missing a belly button in one of the shots. It would seem the self-described guidette has been the victim of some shoddy Photoshop work. JWwow says her favorite bikini style is the ruche (which most likely means absolutely nothing to you) and that she prefers summer sex to be hot and sticky. JWwow tells the magazine, “"Hot and sweaty is the greatest with the right person. But if it's the wrong person, ugggh, it's disgusting. It's like, OK, not working. Get away from me and shut the door behind you.” Words of wisdom. [Maxim]

The Hef Talks Breasts

Fake breasts are here to stay, at least according to Hugh Hefner. The creator of Playboy magazine is living a quieter life at the moment with just one girlfriend. But that hasn’t stopped the 84-year-old from chatting about women and the role Playboy played in altering America’s view of sex. In an interview with The New York Post, Hef says we are now living in a Playboy world, where sex is more liberal and abundant. Hugh also admits that his long years looking at the female naked form have taken its toll and that he has become partially desensitized to it. One thing Hugh is certain of is fake breasts aren’t going anywhere. He says, "I see no evidence of it [fake breasts going out of style]. I think, quite frankly, it's nicer if you're well-endowed, but if you come up lacking in that department, one understands that that's what cosmetic surgery exists for.” Now those are words to live by. [New York Post]

Zsa Zsa Gabor Hospitalized with Broken Bones

Photo: Ron Galella/Getty Images

Zsa Zsa Gabor's publicist announced late Saturday that the 93-year-old actress was rushed to a hospital after falling out of bed and breaking several bones. John Blanchette says Gabor was watching TV in her Bel Air home Saturday evening when she fell to the floor. Her husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, called an ambulance and Gabor was taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. She is now in stable condition. Feel better, Zsa Zsa. [TMZ]

The New Jersey Devils May (or May Not) Have a Fountain of Youth in their Locker Room

The New Jersey Devils have just signed 27-year-old forward Ilya Kovalchuk to a 17-year (yes, 17-year) contract extension which will allow him to play for the franchise until the gentle old age of 44. Whether the deal itself was done to tip-toe around the collective bargaining agreement or ensure that Martin Brodeur would have an elderly playmate in the 2027 season is irrelevant. The important thing to note is that the Devils may have a fountain of youth, and are hoarding it for their top players. [ESPN]

Michael Jordan Has Some Things to Say About Kids Today

Michael Jordan was recently asked what he thought about the dream team forming in Miami. "There's no way, with hindsight, I would've ever called up Larry, called up Magic and said, 'Hey, look, let's get together and play on one team,'" Jordan told NBC Sports. "But that's ... things are different. I can't say that's a bad thing. It's an opportunity these kids have today. In all honesty, I was trying to beat those guys." But seriously, tell us what you really think, Michael. [CBS Sports]

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