Mantenna - Wednesday, April 14

April 14, 2010

Mel Gibson and his baby mama split up, Ozzy Osbourne gives a gold gift to the homeless, and Comedy Central teams up with The Onion for some sports stuff...and that's the bottom line, 'cause the Mantenna said so!

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Mel Gibson and Baby Mama Split

Mel Gibson and Russian beauty Oksana Grigorieva have announced they are no longer a couple. The couple had dated for over a year. They also have a five-month old daughter together. According to friends of the couple, “They just drifted apart. They’re both working hard on their careers and trying to raise a sweet baby together. They're still friends and they'll both raise Lucia together.”  The announcement comes almost one year to the day that Mel Gibson and his wife Robyn of 28 years filed for divorce.  In other Splitsville news, CNN’s Larry King announced he filed for divorce from wife of 13 years Shawn Southwick. This will be Larry’s 8th divorce. [People]

Mathew Fox Talks Cheating and Giving Up His V-Card

Matthew Fox has come out swinging at allegations he cheated on his wife. The Lost actor tells Playboy that “the story isn’t true” and that he loves his wife very much. He says, “"She's [his wife] the love of my life. We have managed to both be intensely independent and maintain that strength in our relationship. I am a man, and I am an appreciator of women. At the same time, Margherita is the s**t. I can honestly say we're good together. We've been together for 23 years, so let's leave it at that." In the same interview Fox also talks about getting it on for the first time. The actor opens up (way too much) about the time he lost his virginity. He tells the mag, “I was 12. She was about two years older than me. It wasn't her first time. I can actually see the event in my mind's eye, like photographs. It was in Dubois, Wyoming, where the population sign probably says, to this day, about 1,000. It happened literally on the ground by a river while a rodeo was going on in town. It was absolutely terrible and awkward--just two f***ing kids lying down and pulling our pants down.” A little too much information, thank you very much. [US Magazine]

Ozzy Osbourne's Gold Gift For the Homeless

Photo: MJ Kim/Getty Images

Ozzy Osbourne apparently has a heart of gold. The Black Sabbath legend was recently asked for change by a homeless man in Los Angeles and the Ozzman reportedly responded by handing the beggar a gold necklace. An eyewitness says, "Ozzy took the gold crucifix off his neck and gave it to the man. He told him to pray with it." What a mensch. [Contact Music]

Comedy Central and The Onion Team Up for some Sports Stuff

Two of the world leaders in both comedy and sarcasm have come together for what will be the first satirical sports show in the history of premium cable (Sports Soup is too terrible to qualify as either a "comedy" or "television show"). The program will serve as a Daily Show for sports, and promises to be a welcome addition to the Comedy Central line-up. "The Onion has such credibility in the comedy world, we feel fortunate to partner with them," said Kent Alterman, head of original programming for the network. "They will skewer the sports world, and the media coverage of sports, with the same sharpness we've seen applied to the world of politics." [Hollywood Reporter]

Twitter's Entire Archive Headed to the Library of Congress

The U.S. Library of Congress announced this morning via its official Twitter account that it will be acquiring the entire archive of Twitter messages back through March 2006. In addition to a massive printed collection, the Library already has an extensive collection of other digital assets. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said today that there are 105 million registered users on the service. We can't help but wonder how those all users will feel about their tweets being permanently archived by the government. [LOC]

Police Set Up Traffic Violation Sting Using a Cop in a Bunny Suit

Police in Glendale, California recently sent an officer dressed as a giant bunny into traffic and ticketed anyone not yielding to it/him. After writing two dozen tickets, the public servants involved were to remind everyone of their true goal. "We are not here to create violations,” said Lt. Gary Montecuollo. “Quite frankly, we would be happy if everybody stopped. The idea is to generate a knowledge of safety for the pedestrian.” [Glendale News Press]




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