Blood on the Sand: Gurkhas vs. French Foreign Legion

September 12, 2011

Geoffrey Thor Desmoulin here to get you primed on our first ever double-header finale! Deadliest Warrior Season III will be bringing you a whole night of new episodes … LIVE!

First up is: French Foreign Legion vs. Gurkhas plus as a special season finale treat, the one you've all been asking for: Vampires vs. Zombies! So to get you our warriors at the ready this also means a special back-to-back edition of "Blood on the Sand!" SPIKE also will be upping the ante and this time around as it delivers this special "supersized" event pushing Deadliest Warrior LIVE for a total of two and a half hours! So send in your questions about these great and defining matchups during the shows via Twitter to either the good Doctor, our own former U.S. Navy SEAL, or me, your at-the-ready Scientist to have them answered LIVE and in real time this Wednesday, September 14 at 9/8c only on Spike. OMG! I didn't tell you, last time we did this, but your hosts received over 2,000 new followers in the span of only 24 hours and then gained an additional 2,000 followers throughout the season… will we be able to match it on this epic night?

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The "Deadliest Warrior" LIVE event will be hosted by "Deadliest Warrior – The Aftahhhmaaath" (one eye brow raised) host Kieron Elliot.

Okay, let's introduce our first match-up of the night French Foreign Legion vs the Gurkhas. This match-up is probably the most anticipated of Season 3, since neither of these warriors fought for the flag that they were born to and that presents an interesting twist on why they would be fighting in the first place. Personally, both of these warriors are incredibly notable for me and found ways of entering my life even as a young boy, so instead of having a formal introduction of each warrior I'm simply going to tell stories about these men that I have heard over the years.

My father, who was born in France and immigrated to Canada, used to tell me stories about the French Foreign Legion with fire in his eyes as he had served his one-year mandatory service for France and was stationed in Algiers while the Legion was pacifying the area for a French colony. One day as he was carrying food from a kitchen run by the Legion, he looked across the courtyard and saw two men being forced to run with eighty-pound sand bags on their head in the mid-day sun until they collapsed, and when they collapsed, they were whipped. After asking around fellow soldiers about what he saw, they explained that this was a form of punishment, one performed in the courtyard so as to set an example for the other soldiers trying to leave the Legion prior to their five-year contract had expired. I thought the story ended there, but in fact those same two men were forced to march in the mid-day sun for a full of 30 days straight. This was to be the length of punishment or unless death occurred first. Legend has it that very few lasted the 30 days. Even with stories like this my father boasts that it was a great honor to serve with the Legion, and if you survived the five years you won your freedom and could walk away with a new identity as a French citizen. Before those five years were up however there was only one way to leave as my father would say and that was: "feet first."

As I grew older, during my time as a military cadet, I would hear stories about how the Gurkha's and their fierce and incredible ability to be truly stealthy fighters. One story that sticks out in my mind, and one I recently heard again during the filming of this episode is that of a four-day military exercise between the legendary SAS and a group of Gurkha's that were set to overrun their position. After the 4-days had expired the SAS men threw up their hands in success as they had not seen or heard a single Gurkha soldier during that time. However, a British Military commander in charge of the Gurkha group promptly asked each SAS soldier to inspect the back side of their right boot. Curiously, each SAS soldier found a white grease pencil mark (a dot) indicating that at some point throughout the exercise a Gurkha soldier had come so close to the SAS soldier that he had been able to identify the correct boot, grease pencil the back of it, and escape unnoticed.

There are many other stories from both sides of this incredible matchup, but only so much time to tell them. Enjoy the show!

The first act of this season special Deadliest Warrior episode is now online!

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