3 Reasons The Season 7 Ink Master Live Finale Is The Biggest One Yet

May 20, 2016

We know you're counting the days until the Ink Master Live Finale on May 24 at 10/9c, but we thought it would a nice treat to recap all the amazingness that will take place on that special day. Yes, at last, one talented artist will be crowned 'Ink Master' and given the $100,000 prize, but there's so much more to it than that this year: we've got a bitter rivalry, an eliminated artists' jury, and two master canvases to nitpick.

Actually, there will be a few more surprises in store for our fans during the live finale, so keep your eyes open because it's gonna be one hell of a night.

1. #SausageVsMatti

Sausage and Matti Hixson have been at each other's throats since Season 4. Skull pick after skull pick, targets were drawn and bullets were shot. In Season 4 we saw Sausage knock Matti out to be part of the top two finalists. This season, we saw Matti return the favor, taking Sausage head on and knocking him out of the competition. So basically the fellas are tied 1-1. On May 24, we will witness the ultimate tiebreaker: Sausage and Matti will tattoo one last time live and you can watch it all go down on Spike.com. The loser will be inked with a "Revenge Tattoo" by the winner. So what are you waiting for? Join in on the conversation by tweeting #SausageVsMatti and tell us who you're rooting for.

2. Two Master Canvases

This season, Anthony, Christian, and Cleen must survive the most brutal test of skill and endurance in the history of Ink Master: 48 hours of tattooing - aka two master canvases. Their first master canvas is a 24-hour chest piece, and of course the judges have chosen the styles (the weaknesses of each artist, respectively). The second master canvas is a 24-hour sleeve tattoo, and the artists get to choose the style and subject matter for that. That's quite a bit of ink.

3. Eliminated Artists' Jury

We've all seen human canvas juries mercilessly grill the tattoos in private, but this time things get personal when all of the eliminated artists from this season will gather to deliberate over which of the three finalists should make it through to be a top two finalist. Oh, don't you worry, you'll get to listen in on all of the trash talk, praises, and nail-biting moments as we will be streaming this live on the Ink Master Facebook page.

So there you have it: an epic showdown between Sausage and Matti Hixson, two massive master canvases, and an eliminated artists' jury ready to critique every nook and cranny of the master canvas tattoo. So much show, so little time. Tune in to the Ink Master live finale on May 24 at 10/9c and watch how it all unfolds.