The Daily Douchebag - Thursday, November 19

November 19, 2009

Everyone knows that Canadians are the funniest people on the planet. Their irreverent humor and adorable love of a sport called “hockey” is why we welcome them down here with open arms (and by "open arms" we mean "strict immigration check points"). However, one member of the Canadian Parliament doesn’t share this sense of humor.

During a committee meeting in a city that sounds made up (Ottawa), a Liberal Member of Parliament named Michelle Simson decided the best approach to arguing with her conservative counterpart was to essentially call him a childish sack of lard via Twitter.

While most Canadians have thick skin and can appreciate the humor in being publically mocked for a lifelong weight issue, Dean Del Mastro – who sounds like an evil villain in a porn movie - took offense, and stopped the meeting while begging for an apology.

“I apologize that I'm not perfect and perhaps my stature doesn't meet the criteria that some members of the House might set,” he exclaimed. “But I have actually battled that problem since birth.”

Del Mastro then pouted for several minutes until an apology was issued.

Canadians are hilarious people. Why is this guy getting so butt-hurt about being called a tad on the chubby side? Instead of crying about it and holding up an entire meeting, snap back with a patented Canadian jab.

Come on, man! This is the reason Kim Campbell was in power for six weeks!

Source: Getty Images