Paul Firek Recording Artist

June 21, 2009

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 When a man aims at one target and hits a dozen something magical is happening. While most artist go through a career hoping for one clear cut triumph Paul Firek staggers generations seemingly at will. His catalog of over 500 songs from first to last represent a retro book of styling that challenge any artist past, present, or future.

  Paul Firek has done it by formulating a contemporary sound that is truly contemporary and has brought his listeners from the then into the now. Doing so required Paul to blend a combination of such diverse elements found in the styles of folk music, pop rock, classic rock, classical, jazz, poetry and literature to form an abstract emotional sounding catalog of songs painted skillfully with a retro overcoat.
  Paul's trademark emotional vocal performances suggest that he is always in total control of the listeners emotions and feelings when relaying very easy to understand everyman themes.

  The apparent complexity of Firek’s music should never be confused with his ability to communicate. In Vince’s compositions the overall themes come through as a total picture of an entire feeling and a very easily understood message.

Paul’s modern day fables are hip little stories that make complete sense and are in effect only dabs of color on the larger than life canvas that the recording studio provides. Cumulative in depth portraits of people combined with outward and inward emotions continue to fill in the gaps as physical objects become properties enabling the listener to float free into a new place created by Paul Firek's imagination.

  It is not so hard to claim so much for a man who is in every sense revolutionizing popular music and it seems that even the strongest of praise in inadequate.Not many contemporary artist have the power and ability to actually let us relive our lives and memories while seeing the reality of the day to day as Paul has enabled us to do with his music.

I think that it is safe to say that nobody will be able to understand what it was like to live in these times without first listening to what this astonishingly gifted man is saying to our generation.