Sister Settles Sibling Rivalry Once and For All, Yanks Brother's Tooth with Pocket Rocket

July 20, 2011

We're not really sure, in the video you're about to see, who is the most awesome participant. The adult who shot all of this, despite the fact that he's probably going to jail for child neglect? The little brother, who agreed to a tooth removal bit straight out of "Jackass"? Or the sister, who was obviously the one who had this idea in the first place, and followed through?

We're also up in the air about what the best part is. The brother at the beginning, realizing just what he's gotten himself into and refusing to open his mouth? The obvious look of glee on his sister's face about being able to yank the tooth with an adult's permission? The incredibly cute yet utterly hilarious letter the kid wrote to the tooth fairy?

Either way, it all adds up to the funniest video of sibling abuse we've ever seen. Maybe because it's a carefully shot video of sibling abuse: there are no less than three cameras trained on this. One strapped to the back of the bike, one shooting in slow-motion closeup, and one camera for a broader angle.

In short, aside from the moment in "Jackass 3D" where one of the guys gets his tooth pulled with a Lamborghini, this has to be the best tooth removal we've ever seen on video. Well, aside from "Marathon Man," but that has a slightly different tone.

Source: YouTube