Creepy Hipster Controls Humans with Live Action Pinball

August 3, 2011

We get it: this was supposed to be a light-hearted closing film, in the tradition of animators like Norman McLaren. We get that. We're just pretty sure that what the filmmakers intended and what they actually got are two wildly different things.

It pretty much starts being creepy the moment our hero, who looks troublingly like a mime that got fired from a cannon through an American Apparel, discovers he has the power to make women bend over and move them back and forth. That in of itself is kind of creepy, but then the guy grabs an innocent bystander and flings her into traffic. And then keeps flinging her into traffic.

Person Pinball- 2011 Animation Block Party 'Outro' from aaron hughes on Vimeo.

Along the way, random people are turned into robots for the amusement of a mime. We'd feel worse, but these are the kinds of people who play music and look annoyed when you want to know what the band is, so let them be flung into traffic.

In short, it's supposed to be funny, but instead it's kind of a horror movie. If you want to see some video games with real people that aren't creepy and actually funny, try the YouTube channel of NotsoNoisy, a French artist who makes this concept work.

Source: Vimeo/Aaron Hughes