Early Renders of iPhone 5 Show Some Major Weight Loss

August 10, 2011

The iPhone has gone on a diet since it first premiered in 2007, going from a giant hulking mesh of touchscreen plastic and metal to a supermodel-thin smartphone. If the new designs popping up are any indication of what's to come, the iPhone 5 could make Kate Moss look bloated.

Some leaked design specifications of the 5th generation of Apple's popular phone show it to be an even thinner model with a wider screen that practically stretches to every corner of the device. Cell phone case manufacturers are developing products for the new design and constructed some artist renderings of what the new phone may look like when it hits Apple stores in the coming year.

There are rumors that Apple might mess with other aspects of the design to make it even more lightweight and cost-effective such as replacing the glass backing with an aluminum one, a larger home button that could include a finger swipe interface and an extra microphone port, if the renderings are indeed accurate.

Photo: David Paul Morris/ Getty News Images/ Getty Images