Persian Immortal vs. Comanche

September 18, 2010

Who is deadliest? The Comanches, skilled one-on-one fighters, who fought to protect their land. Or the Persian Immortals, who were very skilled and disciplined soldiers, who created the largest empire ever seen?



L. Range- Comanche bow

M. Range- Comanche War Lance

C. Range- War Hawk

Special Weapons- Scalping knife

Persian Immortal

L. Range- Persian Bow

M. Range- Persian spear

C. Range- Sagaris Battle Axe

Special Weapon- Chariot Sycthe



In Long Range Weapons: Edge- Even. Both warriors can pull off a kill on foot and on horseback/ Chariot. So no one takes the edge.

In Mid Range Weapons: Edge- Immortal. Has a sharp piecring blade at one end with a blunt sphere on the other end, and when you have options, you get the edge.

For Close Range combat: Edge Immortal. Since its a double sided weapon, chop and pierce, and has a quicker recovery time, this weapon gets the edge.

Finally, for Special Weapons: Edge Comanche. Has a quick stabbing speed and doesn't need to be mounted on a chariot in order to kill. This weapon takes the edge.


(Scene: Grassy plain, with some hills. Maybe somewhere in Africa)

       A Comanche rides his horse to the top of the hill, noticing the Immortal. The Immortal also sees the Comanche, grabbing his spear and hops onto his chariot, equipped with the scythe. The Comanche screams with all his might and charges towards the Immortal, with his war lance in hand. The Immortal coming closer is about to chop the horses legs off, but the Comanche horse jumps and dodges it. While in the air, the Comanche manages to take the Immortal from the chariot. Grabbing his sagaris and bow, the Immortal shoots at the Comanche, hitting him in the back.

After seeing what he did, the Immortal rushes over to see a Comanche slouching on his horse, with an arrow in his back. About to grab him, the Comanche quickly sits up, and sends two arrows into the Immortal's torso, knocking him down. The Immortal grabs his sagaris and strikes the Comanche in the foot. The Comanche screeches, and breaks the sagaris. Soon, the Immortal runs to his demolished chariot and manages to find his spear. With the blunt side, thrusts with all his might, sending the Comanche off his horse. Grabbing his lance, the Comanche blocks the spear coming down, and takes the scalping knife out of his sach, hurling it into the Immortal's arm.

The Immortal is enraged and while he screams, the Comanche quickly runs. The Immortal takes out the knife in his arm, leaving a bloody wound. With the Immortal charging after him, the Comanche hides behind a tree, noticing his war hawk and picks it up. The Immortal, still charging after him, passes the tree where the Comanche hiding behind it. The Comanche takes his weapon and hits him in the back of the neck with the war hawk. The Immortal is on the gound bleeding out. The Comanche takes another scalping knife and scalps him. Another, trophy for the Comanche.

Winner: Comanche

Comanche: 547

Bow & Arrow- 254

War Lance- 160

War Hawk- 116

Scalping knife- 17

Persian Immortal: 453

Bow & Arrow- 159

Persian Spear- 145

Sagaris- 125

Chariot Sycthe- 24

Outcome: Even though, the Immortal might've had the greater arsenal for war and was a very disciplined soldier, he just couldn't fight against a warrior who grew up around war, and could use anything as a weapon to his advantage, and was great at one-on-one fighting. Nice work Comanche.