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Angelina Jolie In Heroin Den Talks S&M

by ncoles   May 19, 2008 at 2:30PM  |  Views: 3,670


An old video of Angelina Jolie apparently off her gourd and talking incoherently about S&M and killing childhood pets has surfaced. Jolie appears in the video with an unidentified woman who is casually smoking heroin and an unidentified male, who is mostly off camera. The video was shot in 1999 when Angelina, then 23 was going through her weirdo, Goth faze.

In the video, Jolie resembles a modern day, cracked out Amy Winehouse. Britain’s UK Sun says “At times her eyelids are so heavy she can barely keep them open. She is also seen with disheveled hair as she rubs her teeth.”

The most bizarre aspect of the film is not the drug taking, but rather the conversation. The trio discusses nipple twisting; dripping candle wax and Jolie confesses that S&M spiritually changed her life. She explains that S&M is about “being held down, not about accessories” and that it “comes from a real, real place”. She also goes on to say that she has the most “amazing, compromising pictures of people”.

The conversation turns even darker when Jolie and chums discuss childhood pets. Jolie admits she is “not an animal person”. She creepily smiles and states with a giant grin “I had a hamster. I took it into the shower. It died of pneumonia”. She also says she tried to kill her pet snake.

The video is quite the departure from the present day pregnant Angelina Jolie, who is now known as a UN ambassador, humanitarian and savor to the world’s orphaned children. Check out the full video below.