Celt vs Zande

October 7, 2010

Beginning Assessment: Europe's early berserkers that savaged and ruled the continent comes to the African killing brutes. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?


Short Range: Burda Club.

Medium Range: Longsword.

Long Range: Sling.

Special: Lancea.

Armor: Leather Body Armor and Celtic Shield.


Short Range: Makraka Knife.

Medium Range: Mikrigga Spear.

Long Range: Botto Bow & Pima Arrow.

Special: Kpinga.

Armor: Kube Shield.


Burda vs Makraka. Edge = Makraka.

I like how the burda can crush your skull, but the makraka is a curved knife that can slash and decapitate your head.

Longsword vs Mikrigga. Edge = Longsword.

The Longsword is faster and able to slash and stab easily. The Mikrigga, even though it's a great spear, is slower and might not hit the burly Celt.

Sling vs Botto & Pima. Edge = Botto & Pima.

We've seen sling vs bow many times, and like always the bow shoots arrows much longer range and more accurate. Also a Zande will poison the tips of the Pima Arrows which will kill even faster.

Lancea vs Kpinga. Edge = Lancea.

This was super close but I give the Lancea an edge because when it can kill at a distance, you can keep hold of it and stab like a normal spear where the Kpinga isn't really great in closer ranges.

Leather & Celtic Shield vs Kube Shield. Edge = Leather & Celtic Shield.

The Celt's Shield is much stronger then the Kube and as bonus protection he has leather body armor.


A Celtic Warrior is seen walking through a bushy grassland. He climbs up to the top of a hill, where he sees a man on another hill across him ready a bow and arrow. The Celt pulls up his shield as it hits and throws his sling. The rock missed by only a few inches. The Zande walks to a tree next to him and pulls up his own shield. He pulls up another weapon, a kpinga, and throws it. An end of it grazed the Celt's shield, and then lodged into a tree.

The Celt also grabs two items from behind a tree, two lancea's. He threw one that succesfully broke through the kube, now destroyed. The Zande throws down his worthless shield and pulls a mikrigga out of the ground. He progresses to the Celt that battles it with the lancea. Both spears hit their staff's together and claim little damage to the other. Eventually, the Zande was able to pull out his makraka and tries to decapitate the enemy.

The Celt ducked with half a second to spare, but he got an unwanted haircut, having his long burly hair cut. He pulls out his longsword which falls in between the hooks of the mikrigga. The Zande throws the tip of his spear to the ground, making the Celt drop his sword. Without the sword, the Celt now pulls out a burda, knocks the makraka away, and hits the Zande in the gut. The burda gave a powerful blow and knocked the wind out of the Zande. He runs away to grab his makraka again.

Unseccesfully grabbing it, the Celt was in hot pursuit and slashed the back of the Zande, who left a scream from the painful cut. He pulled the makraka up and slashed the shoulder of the Celt. The Celt roared and swung his longsword again. The blade cut the arm of the Zande off. He fell down with the stubbed arm, leaving the Celt free to slash the sword one more time, decapitating the Zande. The Celt lifted his enemy's head in the air, roars, and continues home to Ireland to put the head infront of his hut.

Celt: 525.

Burda: 68.

Longsword: 281.

Sling: 50.

Lancea: 176.

Zande: 475.

Makraka: 94.

Mikrigga: 227.

Botto & Pima: 82.

Kpinga: 72.

Ending Assessment: The Celt was more of a brutal killer and was able to maunuver more. He wore armor that protected him more.

Best Weapon: The Longsword slashed in with a grand total of 281 kills.

Worst Weapon: The Sling only shot the Zande 50 times.