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The Seven Most Painful Tooth Torture Scenes in Cinema History

by DannyGallagher   July 01, 2011 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 37,445
The Seven Most Painful Tooth Torture Scenes in Cinema History
Just the sound of a dental drill or the drooling screams of someone having their bicuspids ripped out at the root can make most normal humans dread their own dental plan. These movie scenes are not for the squeamish of mind, heart, or mouth.

7. The Interrogation from "Marathon Man"

Source: Paramount Pictures

John Schlesinger's 1976 thriller classic may have helped put dental torture into the mainstream, but it's probably the most tame of them all. That doesn't mean it's any less comfortable to watch.

Dustin Hoffman faces a sadistic Nazi war criminal played by Laurence Olivier whose torturous interrogation of the question "Is it safe?" drives his victim to the brink of insanity, and just as he's about to jump off the mental chasm and numb himself to the outside world, he grabs the dental tools. The audience doesn't actually get to watch Olivier drilling away at one of Hoffman's live nerves for their squeamish enjoyment, but as the camera pans out of frame, their imagination does the rest. The results are enough to, well, at least make their teeth chatter.

6. The Lamborghini tooth pull from "Jackass 3D"

Source: Jesse Grant/WireImage/Getty Images

The funny thing about this slapstick TV and movie franchise is the reactions that some stunts extract (no pun intended) for their audience. Some are just downright hilarious. Others are painful enough just to watch. And then there are those that lie in the middle distance where the squeamish and gleeful masochists react with varyingly different degrees.

Poor Ehren McGhehey gets the short straw to do this stunt for the third installment of the movie franchise. It was originally shot for the second film with Bam Margera's blubbery uncle Don Vito in the dentist's chair, but the scene was cut and reinvented for the third. The stunt involves a string. One end is tied around Ehren's front tooth and the other to the back of Bam's Lamborghini Gallardo. The scene, in my opinion, is more painful than funny as a slow motion camera captures the chomper being ripped out at full speed, but the build up to the final yank is full of laughs as Ehren turns into a paint shaker as he tries to calm his nerves until the final pull.

5. Steve Martin's musical number in "Little Shop of Horrors"

Source: Warner Bros.

Most musical comedies cause guys a lot of pain already, but this dark comedy from Frank Oz that was based on the Roger Corman classic delivers a different kind of pain as the audience tries to dull it with the laughs.

Martin's sadistic biker bad boy/dentist practically steals the show with his hilarious musical number about how a life of bringing so many people so much pain brings him an equal amount of joy, but the real laughs come from the increasingly painful methods he uses on his patients. He basically just keeps sticking large metal pliers and scrapers in people's mouths and twisting until they try to scream "Uncle" and then when we can't stand it anymore, we're treated to an up-close shot of Martin drilling away at some poor patient's teeth from the point of the view of the uvula.

4. The hammer scene from "Oldboy"

Source: Show East

If you're sitting down to watch a slasher flick, you can bet on it being bloody. If you're watching a foreign slasher film, you can bet that your brain will need a shower for at least a week after you're done watching it.

The South Korean classic "Oldboy" is a tale of bloody revenge and justice at the hands of a sadistic prisoner who seeks to regain the life he lost by slowly killing the people who enslaved him. The most memorable and visceral scene in the movie takes place with a hammer and some poor schlub's chompers as our "hero" rips each one out one by one with the claw end of the hammer. The sound of ripping gums and broken teeth as he pries back the hammer with the victim's face just out of frame could make a deaf man wince at the screen.