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Top 5 Impact Wrestling Party Destinations

by Robbie E   March 06, 2013 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 1,551

What's up, bro? It's Robbie E back again this week with another bro blog, bro. I'm feeling good cause its officially spring, bro! That means we are officially getting closer to summer. Oh, you know I love summer, bro. Anyway, this week I'm talking about the 5 spots that IMPACT WRESTLING needs to hold live tapings because... well, because they are dope party scenes! I'm excited for IMPACT WRESTLING on the road and you should be too!

5 - Miami - Miami is the place where I always say "what happens in Miami, stays in Miami" Well, actually, I say that about every place pretty much. But anyway, the chicks in Miami are half naked. The weather is awesome, and the partying is non-stop. Just the way EZ V and myself like it.

4 – Las Vegas – I mean, bro, just saying Vegas gets me excited. I have had so many nights there where I cannot remember a thing. But I know they were good because of what I woke up next to! IMPACT WRESTLING on the road surely needs to make a stop there.

3 - Hawaii - It wouldn't hurt to turn work into a vacation, would it? I'd love to beat up some bros on a Thursday and vacation for the rest of the week on an exotic island to get a perfect tan. Plus, some gyms are outside there and I totally love that, bro. I enjoy working out there every time I am there.

2 - Japan – IMPACT WRESTLING out of the country needs to hit somewhere cool, bro. And believe it or not partying in Japan is awesome! A show in Tokyo would lead to an awesome party night and I would definitely be asleep the whole plane ride home. Plus, sake is the bomb, bro! OH!

1 - The best place for IMPACT WRESTLING to hit is... Come on, bro, it's Jersey. Whether it's Atlantic City, the shore, or any other hotspot in my home state, it will surely be an amazing night. Your bro Robbie E promises a great show, great fans, followed by a great night. Jersey girls are the hottest, the most fit, tan and definitely the best dressed. I'll break out my white heat shoes and... maybe I'll even let Mr. Pec-tacular hang since he has the same white dress shoes as me.

Until next week...oh...this was my blog, bro!


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