Deadliest Warrior: The Game Arrives for the Sony PlayStation 3

October 5, 2010

Break out the swords and sandals, and massage those thumbs because the day you've been waiting for has arrived!  Deadliest Warrior: The Game is now available for the Sony PlayStation 3.  You can download it directly from the PlayStation Network (PSN).  Based on Spike TV's hit series, Deadliest Warrior, which heads into its third season next summer, the game can be had the measly cost of $9.99. 

Developed by Pipeworks Software, the game was successfully released for the Xbox 360 this past summer, and has exceeded 225,000 downloads to date.  Also expected in early 2011 will be new downloadable content for both game platforms that will expand the existing warrior lineup (including the fan favorite, The Rajput) while offering up other added features and enhancements.  One of the additional features will be the new "team battle mode" which will allow players to pick up to four of their favorite warriors and fight consecutive one-on-one battles.  

Similar to the Xbox 360 version, PlayStation 3 fans can now also enjoy a slew of in-game rewards and extras available for purchase, including avatars and dynamic themes which can be found on PSN.

Stay tuned to for all the latest and greatest Deadliest Warrior news and updates.  Play on, Warriors!