'Unepic' Transports Players To Harnakon's Castle For A Surprisingly Epic Quest

January 24, 2014

It's every gamer's dream to get sucked into a video game, at least, until it actually happens. In reality, the things that happen inside the fantastical worlds of video games would scare the pants off of a normal human. However, when you're already inside of a video game, and then get sucked into another one, it somehow all seems to make a whole lot more sense. Such is the story of Unepic, the 2011 indie release that has recently been ported to the Wii U. The action/RPG/platformer puts players to the test as they try and navigate the twisted world of Harnakon looking for an escape, and a way back to their friends' D&D game.

Developer: Francisco Téllez de Meneses
Publisher: EnjoyUp Games

Friend to many an indie game, from Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ to La Mulana, EnjoyUp Games have stepped in to help bring Unepic to consoles. The game was originally developed by a very small team of one, Francisco Téllez de Meneses, who spent two years of his life crafting virtually every aspect of Unepic. While there was a small team of additional contributors, Téllez de Meneses is the brain behind the game, and responsible for this modern-day, Metroidvania style, ode to classic games that range from the MSX-only The Maze of Galious to more modern day titles like Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Diablo.

Unepic tells the story of Daniel - he's just an average gamer, playing some tabletop role-playing games with his friends when he stepped away to use the facilities. While relieving himself, the lights mysteriously go out, and Daniel is inexplicably transported to an entirely different time and place. The dangers of Harnakon's Castle are spread out over 200-plus rooms that are full of monsters, magic, and mischief. Daniel needs to use his wits and cunning to navigate the maze of chambers while searching for weapons and learning magic in order to stay alive. Structured like a classic NES era platformer, Unepic is likely to appeal to your nostalgia, while putting many of your gaming skills to the test.

Unepic was originally released in 2011 for the PC, and is widely available on digital services like Steam and Desura where it has been an indie standout for the last few years. With the help of EnjoyUp, the game's latest release on the Wii U marks the first time that it has appeared on a console, opening up this wonderful quest to a whole new range of gamers.

Daniel's journey in Unepic is not only intriguing, but it's also quite enjoyable. While the concept behind the game may not be 100% original, Unepic balances humor and homage in an entirely unique way making it feel unlike many other games. The gameplay pulls from some classic games, and if you're a fan of Simon or Samus, you'll undoubtedly find the Unepic experience appealing. The writing is laced with an assortment of jokes that should induce a chuckle here and there, especially if you've been playing games for a long time. The characters come to life through these jokes, and end up being relatable, even inside of the Harnakon's Castle wrapper. The Wii U's dual screen experience brings something fresh to the table as well, allowing players better access to their inventory, or off-screen play if you just want to experience Daniel's adventure on the GamePad. Unepic makes getting trapped inside of a game fun, in a way that hasn't been seen since Kevin got sucked into his TV screen on Captain N: The Game Master.