What Matters to Men

November 21, 2011

With the help of our good homies over at Men's Health, SPIKE has set out to finally pinpoint what really matters to men here in America. In a nationwide survey of 1,511 guys, SPIKE recently partnered with Men's Health to find out what's truly going on in the minds of men. SPIKE asked you to find out! Hit the jump to find out the results, guys.

Needless to say, being a guy in the 21st century is a day to day fight. Luckily for us all, we got some stats here that are sure to help us break through to that next level of living. Here's a taste of the results, guys:

25% say stress is a major problem in their life

58% watch television or surf the Internet to relax. Only 24% play a sport or exercise to relax.

Less than 1% spend time with their family to relax.

41% are most comfortable opening up to a spouse or significant other.

46% are okay with dating somebody significantly older than themselves.

Do yourself a favor and head on over to the Men's Health site to check out all of the results. You'll seriously thank us for it.

Source: Darren Rogers/Getty Images