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The Wolf Man Comic-Con Panel

by spike.com   July 23, 2008 at 3:31PM  |  Views: 116


The Wolf Man Comic-Con Panel

If there are any more wolf-looking men in Hollywood than Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, and Hugo Weaving, then we've never heard of them. All three men look perfect in their roles for the upcoming Universal remake of the classic monster film starring Lon Cheney. If you needed any more reason to see The Wolfman, how about the luminous Emily Blunt. Her addition can't hurt the film's chances either.


(Above Blunt and Del Toro from Comicon)

Rick Baker, a legend in special effects make up, shared that the Wolfman is done entirely with make up and not CG, with the possible exception of the transformation from man to beast. Baker's no slouch and the glimpses of the monster shown in the trailer look to be top notch. As if Del Toro wasn't scary looking enough. Also of great interest in the trailer are some serious shots of: Wait, Let's get the checklist out:

Gore? Check.

Blood? Check.

Bloody intestines? Check.

Brains? Why not? Check.

Don't let the 1800's setting lull you into thinking this will be a bland period piece. Anthony Hopkins looks absolutely visceral and there are plenty of revolvers, rifles, and good old fashioned torches to go around. The remake of one of the greatest monster icons of all time comes to theatres in 2009.

Two Wolfman images follow for your viewing pleasure:



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