Ep. 1: Caledonian Confederacy vs. Qin Dynasty Warriors

January 5, 2011

Welcome to the first installment of The Fan's Bonus Season. I would like to had before I start that instead of having a almost fictional war chief (according to many soucres) fight a Emperor (a political leader), I've decided to instead have their best soilders take a turn at each other.


Caledonians: 83 AD/  The Caledonians were the indogoius people of modern day Scotland who live from Iron age to the Roman times. The Caledonians are related, if not decsedaned from the Picts. Both where basically the same people living in the same place. Caledonian warfare traces back to almost 2000 B.C.E. It is very similar to almost all types of Celtic warfare. The Cals (as they are sometimes called), however helped to for take the idea of mountion warfare, along with developing some of Scotlands greatest chariots. It should be concedered that the Cals were never fully conquered by the Romans, mostly based on the Romans inability to fight in the geography of Scotland. One of the Cals most definite stand was The Battle of Mons Graupius. There, the Cals struggle for freedom was defined by the words of Calgacus, who spoke of how the romans had created the world 'a desert'. Even thought nearly one third of Cals gave their lives for a battle they lost, the legacy of Calgacus words still stand out to this day.

Qin Dynasty: 215 B.C.E./  The Qin state of imperail China ruled for just under 20 years. However, the state of Qin during the Warring States area of China was able to unify a population of nearly 40,000,000 people, and defeated a combined enemy force of nearly 1,000,000 men in under 9 years. The Qins made great techngoncail and tactical advantages that aloud them too domnaite nearly half a dozen other states. The ins re organized the overall struture of their armies and developed new ways of using chariots and horses. many of the weapons they refined are still considered predecessors to some of the most desctrutive medevail weapons (halberd, crossbow). The Qin's unification of the many warring states placed them in history as the first Chinese imperail state. The Chinese empire, even with all it's different dyanastys (including Mongols) lasted more then 2000 years, making it one of the longest lasting empires of all time. The Qin army was almost fully responsible for this, with their legacy felt even the Song and Ming dynasty of China.



Close Range: Pictish Longsword

Medauim Range: Square headed axe and H-Sheild

Long Range: Caledonian Bow and Arrow

Specailized Weapon: Charoit Lance and Charoit

Alterntive Weapon: Pictish Javelin and H-Sheild

Defense: Leather based Ring armour and H-Sheild

Tatics: Ruthless Aggresion

Transportian: Celtic style charoit and Scottish horses

(I am unable to upload pictures of these weapons and armour, but simply Google these weapons and you'll be able to grape hold of them)


Qin Dynasty:

Close Range: Jian

Medauim Range: Ge (Dagger-Axe)

Long Range: Composite Bow

Specailized Weapon: Charoit Ge and charoit

Alternative Weapon: Crossbow

Defense: Lamellar armour with iron scales

Tatics: Decption

Transportain: Chinese chariot and Chinese Horses


Ponder this for a while. I am hoping all be able to give descriptions for each later.

Simulation: The smell of grand Scottish morn swam through out the body of Cimoid as his chariot crossed the long green hills of his homeland. His blade hung by his belt, his lance laid on his shoulder. The thin strands of boar still stuck in his teeth from the prevoius night. His men, 20 in size, had thrown a great feast for the inspiring chief, who had lead them in many a battle. Such great stories he told to them, of the one they call Calgacus, the man that made the grandest stand of all against the Romans. Just stories, Cimoid thought. The hills very fairly smooth and many for this regoin. The five chariots traveled slowly across these mounts of glory. Cimoid surveyed the rest of his men behind him, most of them just waking up. As he turned his head back to the front of the chariot, he notice something in the distance. A figure, he tought, stood atop a hill. He singaled to his drivers to stop. He squinted. It was not just a figure, but a horse. Two horses. A cart, no, a chariot. A war chariot. When legoinaygres inside. No. They war different gear, and had strange faces. He had never seen these type of men before. "Is is Romans?" his chariot driver questioned. "No," Cimoid replied, watching as four more chariots rode up the hill to meet the other. "Men far much worse." The chief had heard stories, of the ones they call "Qins". Men from far east, beyond the Romans, even beyond the lands of Persia that was said to exist. Men of strange tools, and styles of fighting. It was eerie how these men just stood on their chariots, waiting. Waiting for something. "If these men come for trouble, they've just met it." Cimoid muttered to himself. His army froze in their spots, waiting for something to happen.Someone to say something. Anyone. Anything. "Charge!" Cimoid proclaimed, thrusting his lance outwards. The Caledonians roared a great roar, which was followed by the sound of whips against horses and wheels against hill. The opposing army saw this, and replied with there own charge. The distance between the two forces was more than 100 yards Cimoid reckoned, but the Qin men were going nearly trice as fast. The closer they came, the stronger Cimoid became. For all his life, he had always wanted to be remembered. Remnered as the greatest chief of all time. The chief who had shown everyone that he was the bravest man ever born. The man who was undefeated in battle for all his years. He would perminit these titles today. Today, as he faced an enemie of which he had no knowledge of, for which he did not understand, but would defeat, he would bcome legend. The closer and closer they came. The gap was shrinking as each wheeled rolled. Each horse galloped. Each Cal holding strong to his weapon. Surley, Cimoid thought to himself, our chariots and cherish theirs. These enimes had chariots and horses of small size, and once they clashed, they would be toppled. Closer and closer. Nearer and nearer. Cimiod  grinned. Today was his day. Today was everything. They were goning to clash. Charoit on chariot. Man upon man. Lance upon.. whatever those weird axes they carried were. The gap was closing in. Cimoid raised his lance. "Qins", Cimoid roar under the roar of wind, "Meet my steel!" But suddenly something happened. A fury of bolts stormed from the enemies chariots. They shot out like devils. They connected just at the last second. Cimoid was able to doge an arrow aimed right at his face, but his men weren't so lucky. Nearly five of them were hit by the arrows, most of them falling from their chariots, dead. The Qins took advantage by dodging to the left of the Cals in an amazing stride of stradrgy. Fourtanly for Cimoid, none of his drivers were hit. He singaled with for the some of the remany warriors to dismount and attack on foot. Most of these men were infranty after all. As that happened, he had the drivers turn around their chariots to meet their enemies. The horses broke briskly to the side in order to take charge.Once all of his troops were facing the Qins, Cimoid called another charge. He noticed that now his enema had also have some of their infranty dismount, and they were charging down hill along side their chariots. Cimoid replied with his archers. As the horses took gallop, the arrows took arrow. He saw many of the enema charioteers fall like flies before his arrows, which gave him a reason to grin. The two forces finally clashed. No arrows, just raw power. Cimoid watch in amazement. He watch how many his men were slaughtered under the axes of the the charioteers, but also how his men dropped many a Qin with their javelins. He was in awe of such battle. That awe however turned right on heels, and arrow came shooting at his face. The bolt, however, only scraped his cheek. Cimoid became alert. He was alert enough to find out that the chariot he stood was the only one of his chariots that stood on it's wheels. Nearly all of his and the Qins chariots had wiped each other out.  He came back into live, reliseing the fight twas not over. Only he and his chariot driver remained, as if it were a miracle. He saw across the carnage of the battle the last of the damn Qin devils chariots. The chariot just stood, until the driver called upon the horse to proceed forward at full gallop. In return, Cimoid's driver singaled the horses to charge as well. This wasn't a glory mission for Cimoid anymore. Those damn Qins just slaughtered some of his best men. This was pearsonal. No more grins or laughs. This was very personal. The Qin axe man had his polearm ready to take a swing at the Caledonian chiefs skull. Closer and closer they came, ready to close in on each other. Cimoid stared. No war cry.. No teeth clunth together. Just a stone cold stare.The moment came as they passed. The Qin swung, but Cimoid ducked and impaled the young warrior with his lance. His chariot carried him another few dozen yards before it halted and turned around. Cimoid was ready. Ready to jump off and butcher the last of those bloody Qins, but to his surprise. The chariot had disappeared in mid air. He surveyed the area, and found a pair of tracks leading to over an other hill. He pointed the area out and the chariot roared over. Cimoid readied his lance and axe. He placed on his shield and removed his javelin from its holding. The chariot stopedd atop the hill. To his amazement, the Qin chariot was stopped, facing sideways, and empty. I'm sure as hell there were two more of them, Cimoid thought to himself. A driver and a leader, or something like that. He counted to stare. This is impossible, he counted to think, unless this is a trap. No sooner then he thought of it, an arrow shot out from behind the chariot. It hit the Caledonian chariot driver square in the throat. "You basterds!!" Cimoid exclaimed. He dismounted, tensed and pumped up with anger and power. The Qin driver and leader both emegred from behind their chariot. The driver charged with his axe, while the leader tried to reload his bow. Rather strange device, as a board was connected to hit. Cimoid launched his javelin, hitting the young solider in the chest, killing him instantly. Cimoin took charge and dashed at the leader. He had just finished reload, and didn't have time to aim properly. The arrow missed the Caledonian's head by only an inch. Cimoid did not care. He kept charging. The Qin leader picked up his own axe to face Cimoid. Axe and axe clashed. The Qins axe was longer, but Cimoid also had a shield to keep it at bay. The Qin surprised Cimoid by hooking away his shield with the side hook, and thrusting straight at his chest. Luckily, because of the angle, the spike head only grazed the ring armour of Cimoid. He quickly took advantage, breaking the head of the Qins axe of. Before he could recover though, the Qin used the splintered end of his now armless polearm to gash the hand of Cimoid. He drop his axe and drew back. The Qin drew from his side a sword very similar to his own, only slightly thinner and and with the handle decorated. Cimoid drew his own sword. The two leaders duel. Many strikes connected, by eats armour defended them from seroius harm. As Cimoid went for a thus, he was kicked down by the Qin. s he laid on his back, struggling to get up, the Qin impaled him with his sword. Cimoid looked at the wound as blood gurgled up his throat. He coughed up a portion of his lung and then died.

"And that was the story of Cimoid the Great, my son Wiiliam, and don't you ever be forgetting." Sir Wallace could still hear his farther voice in his head as he stood in the hot afrcain desert. He never imaged himself facing any other man that wasn't ether Roman or English as a boy. 'Such tales of these warriors," Wallace thought to himself as he watch an Afrcain man run up into a meadow,"are nothing more than just stories".

Winner: Qin Dynasty


Close Range:Picttish Longsword:8/10

Jain: 7/10

Edge: Scotland! Jain is a great sword, but it lacks great willpower compared to Longsword.


Mid Range:Square Head Axe/ H-Sheild:7/10

      Ge: 8/10

Edge:China! I know. You have a defines shield along side with a killer axe, but when it comes to stabbing, axing, and hammering an oppenat at a distance, the Qe gets it. Plus it has a decent disarming design to it.


Long Range:Picttish Bow: 6/10

Composite Bow: 8/10

Edge: China! The power and speed of this bow is a no-contest, but the Picttish bow does have good power.


Specailized Weapon: Charoit Lance: 8/10

   Charoit Ge: 7/10


Edge: Scotland! Yes. Fanatasic versatility on the hands of the Qe, but when it comes to raw length and power with the chariot, the lance has it.


Alterntive Weapon: Javelain and H-Sheild: 7/10

  Crossbow: 8/10

Egde: China! The javelin and sheild do have verstility, but when it comes to range, power, and accruatsy, the crossbow wins out. Also, don't expect the shield to defend everywhere.


Defense: Ring armour/H-Sheild: 20/25

     Lamellar/Iron armour: 15/25

Edge: Scotland! The pearsonal of the Qin would hold up against nearly the entire Scottish arms set, but the devider of a shield does make the difference.


Tatics: Rutless aggression: 15/25

  Deception: 20/25

Edge: China! The Cals weren't the cleverest stragist, but they made up for it in a never back down attitude. This lead to their defeat many a battle in large scale. The ability to pull fake outs and surprises out of nearly every suatioan gives the Qins the edge(quasi they had some good names on their scroll selfs. *Cough* Sun Tzu.)

*Transportion*: Celtic Charoit/Horses: 6/10

     Chinese Charoit/Horses: 8/10

Edge: China! The design and speed of this vechile helped to defend and out manuver the open sided and slower model of the Cals. The Cals due however hold a lot of raw power and force in their chariots.


Addup:   Scotland China

8 7

7 8

6 8

8 7

7 8

20 15

15 20

6 8


77 81


Evaltoiun: There you go. Yes, I am scottish, but to my fellow Scots, I still have a soft spot for Qins, and they are just bringing in better equimaint and stragerty. Please. Agure. It amuses me. But coming up soon....

Two of Asia's most underrated horsemen go to work, as Modu Chanyu, one of central Asias first blood thirsty warlord, goes saddle to saddle against Kim Yushin, the man who unified the states of Korea with his pure skill. Both are deadly, but:




Macth coming soon.