The Auction Hunters Episode Nine Animal Adventure

May 27, 2011
It was off to Orange County this week for Auction Hunters, and when you head to Orange County you get lots of rich people leftovers. With only three units up for bid it was a highly competitive week for Ton and Allen. How did they fair against the biggest auction crowd they've ever faced? Let's find out. All-new episodes air Tuesdays at 10PM/9c.


After the first room went for much more than the Hunters expected, they knew that they'd have to pay close attention on the last two rooms or risk going home empty handed. When the second unit came up for bid, it was just more of the same. The bids came fast and furious and to make matters worse, Ton and Allen couldn't even make out who the bidders were amongst the growing crowd! Soon the unit was sold, and our Hunters were down to their final unit. This one they really liked because as soon as the door was opened both of them saw some major dollar signs without having to do any digging. The boys finally made their play and bid a healthy $2,200 and were finally able to claim their first unit of the day.

Antique Shotguns

Sold For: $2,000

Just when the Hunters thought that their 30-30 rifle find early on would be the only gun find of the week, they came across several antique shotguns buried deep within the unit, the "Ferrari" of shotguns as Ton would call them. However, until the guns cleared with the state, there was no guarantee that the guys could even sell them! After forking over $65 a piece to get the appropriate background checks, all the guns were labeled good to sell and the Hunters took them to their experts. Among the several shotguns in the unit, it was the Winchester 1897 16-gauge gun that got the most attention, a true collectible if only because so few were made. As you know, guns are only truly valuable if they can shoot. However, no one was quick to shoot the hundred-year-old gun as there was no guarantee that it would work, let alone not blow up in someone's face. Luckily for all involved the guns shot good and hard and no one got hurt, not to mention the fact that Ton got to have some of his favorite kind of fun on the gun range.

Taxidermied Animals

Sold For: $7,100

This was a first time adventure for Ton and Allen. Stuffed animals? Really?! The two animals, their expert soon informed them, were a mule deer native to Mexico and a Desert Big Horn Sheep. The first was worth nearly four grand to stuff, while the latter; well . . . it's over 60 thousand just to shoot! When the initial offer of $5,500 came in, Ton and Allen weren't very impressed. The expert told them what they had and they were in turn eager to get what they deserved. Finally, the three settled on a fair price, a price that will go down as one of their biggest sales ever.

Following this week's auction, neither Ton nor Allen thought they'd get as much as they did for the taxidermied animals, but sometimes it's also nice to be surprised. This week the dynamic dug deep into their pockets and paid $2,760 for just the one room. Luckily, after forking over so much cash they fixed their balance sheet by taking in a cool $9,600 for all the guns, including the 30-30 rifle, as well as the stuffed animals. When you do the math, the guys took home a very respectable $6,840 in pure profit. Almost a full two grand more than they did last week, a nice win in Orange County for the Auction Hunters!

We had our weekly Facebook matchup, pitting the two items above against each other, waiting to see what our fans would choose as the most valuable item. Turns out you were equally fooled. Many of you guessed that the guns would bring home the most bacon, but once again the animals proved somebody wrong.

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