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Treats and Tricks

by spike.com   November 04, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 146

The Motor City Machine Guns are back to revisit a favorite Halloween and discuss the nagging injuries of a life on the road.


Chris Sabin

Halloween just happened, and although the general perception of Halloween is that it is more of a holiday for the kids, I have always found it to be enjoyable even into my adult years.

Sure, I may have went trick-or-treating until I was well into my teen years but hey, it's Halloween. It's a holiday of disguises! And more so, it's a chance to obtain a mass amount of free candy. And even more so, once you grow too old to hide your age and size under a mask, it's a reason to get dressed up and party, which is what I've used the last several Halloweens for.

Coming up with a costume is a large part of the fun also. A couple years ago my Dad bought a zip-up muscle shirt, wig, borrowed a pair of my old wrestling shorts and even the wrestling boots that I wore in my first ever match and went as Chris Sabin.

Possibly the same year, I went as a piece of poop. No lie. All it really was was an all-brown tunic type piece that has a hood on it with long sleeves and was long enough to hide my legs. Needless to say, my attempts at picking up girls in downtown Ann Arbor that night were unsuccessful, and I may have even gone as far as doing the same for my buddy Adam (Drummer and musical genius from The High Crusade) by ruining his chances along with mine. It definitely wasn't on purpose, but I guess University of Michigan college student females just don't find a same aged dude who wasn't going to college and whose Halloween costume of choice that year was a piece of fecal matter attractive. Well, lemme say poop. I like that label way more.

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