Boobtastic Soccer Fan Gives Us Two Great Reasons to Cheer for Paraguay

June 30, 2010

Now that the United States has been eliminated from World Cup play, American soccer fans need a new bandwagon to jump on in the next round. Luckily, the small but mighty nation of Paraguay has given us two very good reasons to join their cause. (Just don’t get caught staring.)

Larissa Riquelme, a gorgeous soccer fan from Paraguay, has attended every game her homeland has played in South Africa. Shockingly, lonely cameramen at ESPN have given her a surprising amount of “face” time throughout the tournament.

The coverage has made Riquelme an online superstar and spank bank material for soccer fans who don’t want to wait until halftime to masturbate.

In case you’re wondering when the next chance to see who some have proclaimed “the most attractive soccer fan in the world not having sex with Cristiano Ronaldo,” tune into Paraguay’s quarterfinal match-up against Spain this Saturday at 2:30 p.m. ET (tissues not included).

Enjoy, but seriously, you'll go blind if you keep doing that.