Mantenna - Thursday, July 8

July 8, 2010

LeBron James takes the stage to give his final answer, Kelly Brook does her best Sexy Leia impression, and a woman dies after watching pornography...the Mantenna is the decider!

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LeBron James to Decide Fate of Humanity

The time has finally come. NBA MVP and one-time Eastern Conference champion LeBron James will announce where he will be playing basketball next year. Will it be Miami, Chicago, New York, Iran, or with the Monstars on the planet Nebula? Tune in to ESPN tonight to find out, or simply believe every rumor circulating the interweb and order a LeBron James Miami Heat jersey today. [ESPN]

Kelly Brook as Princess Leia

Boobilicious model Kelly Brook has set nerd hearts a-flutter with her latest antics. This time, she's decked herself out in the classic "Slave Leia" costume from Star Wars in a shoot for Total Film. Seriously, what are you waiting for?  Click the link to check out the video! []

Conan Edges Out Leno for Emmy Nod

The battle between Team Conan and whatever the hell Jay Leno's team is called shows no sign of slowing down. When today's Emmy nominations were announced, many were surprised to see that Conan's Tonight Show had edged out Leno's in the Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series category. What does this mean? We're not really sure but Coco should definitely feel good about this one. []

Steve Urkel is Allegedly Kind of an A-hole

Jaleel White (known by his stage name, Steve Urkel) would have made Carl Winslow a little disappointed after he was questioned for boob punching a female friend. According to TMZ sources familiar with the police report, the alleged victim claims White allegedly punched her in one of her breast implants while they were driving on Pacific Coast Highway two weeks ago, with an infant in the car.  Well, that makes sense. If you're going to hit somebody in the breast, at least make sure there's an infant nearby to suck the bruise. [TMZ]

Barack Obama Doesn't Care About White Castle (People)

A new provision in Barack Obama's health care bill may end up bankrupting one of America's tastiest hamburger chains. Since both the White Castle and political experts are on vacation this week, here's a quote from to help explain. "White Castle, which currently provides insurance to all of its full-time workers and picks up 70 to 89 percent of their premium costs, believes it will likely end up paying [extensive] penalties. The financial hit will make it hard for the company to maintain its 421 restaurants, let alone create new jobs, says company spokesman Jamie Richardson. White Castle employs more than 10,000 people nationwide, and more than 1,200 in Ohio." []

Woman Dies from Watching Pornography

A British woman has passed away after suffering a mild heart attack while looking at some "adult" websites. The body was found with panties around the ankles, a sex toy next to the wastebasket, and pornographic material on her laptop. Police blame extreme sexual elation and excitement for the heart complications. Just as the old saying goes, speed may kill, but sex is deadly. [Daily Mail]

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