The Auction Hunters Score Big With Battling Bots

October 28, 2011
Whittier, CA, here we come! This week the Auction Hunters headed over to this great city not for the normal old fashioned storage auctions, but for container unit auctions instead. What lies ahead for the boys in this area 12 miles southeast of Los Angeles? Let's find out!


Sold For: $2,000

Deep inside the "China Cabinet Unit", Ton and Allen dig up what seemed at first to be a robot graveyard, but in fact it's a collection of BattleBots: custom-built mobile robots that duke it out to the bitter end. One BattleBot stands out from the bunch, a large one that the boys know will fetch some serious cash, so they go to meet up with Chuck and Jason, a pair of Aerospace Engineers who engineer and build robots for battle. Chuck and Jason aren't too interested in the few small bots, but they have their eye on the one big one, that's not only deadly, but bulletproof. They offer $2,000 for the brute of a BattleBot and Ton and Allen get to pit bot against bot in an arena of death. What's cooler than seeing robots split each other in half with razors and scorch one another with flames? Now that's a hobby.

So the boys got to play with guns and battlebots, but what about the loot? To put it bluntly, this week was a huge haul: the boys spent $1,200, and got $10,000 for the harmonica pistol, $2,000 for the BattleBot, and a cool $1,300 for everything else. Bottom line, they did amazing this week: $12,100 in profit!

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