Deadliest Warrior: Vlad the Impaler vs. Sun Tsu

June 28, 2010

This weeks matchup between Vlad the Impaler and Sun Tsu is really interesting. My pick would be Vlad the IMpaler for these reasons:

1. Vlad was always on the front lines with his armies and actually fought in battle.

2. Vlad was also a very good military strategist in winning battles and building mountain top fortresses.

3.Although Sun Tsu wrote the book the "Art of War" doesn't make him an actual warrior. It just makes him someone who knows how to be a warrior. He never personally fought in battle but just stayed back and controlled his armies from a distance unlike Vlad.

4. Sun Tsu's most likely only edge will be the Cho Ko Nu while Vlad's weapons will have more kills and will be lead y the halberd.

I believe this one won't really be close and will be Romanian victory by Vlad the Impaler.