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$101,860 Suit is World's Most Expensive

by Reverend_Danger   April 22, 2009 at 2:38PM  |  Views: 173

What could possibly warrant a price tag like this for a men’s suit? Hit the jump to find out. 

Designer and “bling king” Alexander Amosu has unveiled his newest creation: the world’s most expensive suit.  It’s made of the most rare fabric on Earth, which Amosu calls Vanquish II.  Vanquish II is a blend of pashmina wool from the high Himalayas and wool from the vicuna – a rare South American camel which can only be sheared once every three years. Once the fabric was created, the entire suit took over 80 hours to complete.

This is Scrooge McDuck’s suit. 

There are also gold and diamonds in all the buttons on the suit, and Amosu had this to say about his slap in the face to the recession: “I firmly believe that in the wake of the recession, there is still a demand for uncompromising quality.”

Source: BBC



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