Top Shelf Tuesday - November 9

November 7, 2010

Tuesday is almost here, and you know what that means--it's time to start thinking about the latest hot releases. Luckily for you, we toss away the useless debris and handpick you the stuff worth your hard-hard money.

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If you're really into video games there is no release this year that's bigger than Call of Duty: Black Ops. Haven't heard of the franchise? How does it smell underneath that rock? What we really love about it is that you can literally play it until the next one is released. Don't believe us? Go on Xbox Live right now and there are still over 500,000 folks playing Modern Warfare 2 every night. It's the multiplayer equivalent of a bottomless pit, and Black Ops doesn't disappoint with 14 maps and a brand new option called wager mode where you put your COD points where your mouth is. Our one major concern is matchmaking, because let's face it. we've all gone online with this game and got absolutely slaughtered over and over again. If they can match folks with players of the same skill level then look out. Honestly, you're not going to get more bang for your buck than this. GameTrailers TV did a full episode on it, so if you want all the intel without ruining anything, check it out.



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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a comedy directed by Edgar Wright based on the graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O'Malley. In it, Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) is a bass guitarist for the garage band Sex Bob-omb and has just met the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately for him, he must defeat Ramona Flowers' (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) seven evil ex-boyfriends who are coming to kill him. This comic book love story is like a throwback to a wacky ‘80s plot with some awesome 21st century special effects. The DVD and Blu-ray features the Making of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Music, You Too Can Be Sex Bob-omb as well as four audio commentaries with director Edgar Wright, co-writer Michael Bacall and the entire starring cast. This disc also lays out a ton of deleted and alternate scenes with commentary, bloopers, photo galleries, and a trivia track. This is easily one of the best movies of the year. Video game nerd or not, you should get this, people.



Source: Elektra/Roadrunner 

The Lady Killer is the third studio album by the always-soulful and always-entertaining Cee Lo Green. Production for the album was handled by the star-studded cast of Salaam Remi, ELEMENT, The Smeezingtons, Fraser T Smith, Paul Epworth, and Jack Splash. The LP's lead single "F**k You!" was released back in August 19 and it took the Internet by storm. If this song is any indication of how the new record will be, we’re in luck. The Lady Killer is Cee Lo’s first solo work in more than six years and it sees the multi-talented artist breaking new ground on his ever-expanding catalogue of insanely dope jams.

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