Deadliest Warrior Season 2 & Video Game

July 9, 2010

Well turns out Spike could find a way to get more people to throw into the "Deadliest Warrior" roster. I've watched every episode this season from the Season 1 "Championship" between the "Ancient" and "Modern" Warriors all the way to the Musketeers vs Ming Warriors.

What I have liked so far are the following....

1. Even match ups for the most part however the "Al Capone vs Jesse James" gang fight did catch me to say Capone would win but shocked me with the James gang pulling an upset.

2. I've noticed the pattern goes Group, Single, Group, Single each week. A little obvious once I saw how many group fights there were but I'm not complaining.

3. They actually got decent Ancient Warriors! Given we have yet to see the last Singles fight I will say that I did not hear of half of these ancient warriors. Except Sun Tzu and Vlad the Impaler I've known of them.

4. On the group thing I believe that this season is targeting group "what ifs" more than Season 1 did.


Ok with the Season 2 out the way- untill it really ends- lets talk about the game.

When I first saw the trailer I was thrilled, but then I saw the Xbox logo and was crushed. However, recent weeks show me that PS3 gets it too. I'm an old school fighting game player and Deadliest Warrior is a great idea for a game. I mean they DO simulate the episodes fighters so why not make a game with Season 1 ancient fighters?

list of things I like and Dislike......

1. I like that it has realism something the last few fighting games I've played never had excluding games like UFC and boxing. Making playing this game a little fun for local multiplayer.

2. i dislike that Xbox gets it first as I know of, but Im hoping PS3 and Xbox360 get it the same day or at least a week difference. lately 360 gets things 1 whole month earlier than PS3.

3. I like the potential this game has with it having mostly Season 1 stuff and could easilly shove the Season 2 cast of ancients in and it would be great!

4. I REALLY dislike how so far the Spartan seems like a tank with little to beat him with, but I guess a Knight can hurt him.

Well to end this I will say Thank You Spike and the Deadliest Warrior people for giving us a great Season 2 and I hope for a Season 3. Also a GREAT thank you for a great game and hopefully even greater DLC for the future!