Deadliest Warrior Back for Blood - Vlad the Impaler vs Attila The Hun

July 15, 2010

Swords - Sword of Mars vs Kilij - Kilij - Due to massive powerful strike and was able to cut through a pig.

Axes - Attila's Battle Ax vs Halberd - Halberd - Due to longer reach and has a hook, spear and an axe to use in battle.

Long range - hunnic composite bow vs Steel Crossbow - Hunnic composite bow due to faster shooting, quicker reload time and accurate plus durable.

Special weapon - Lasso vs. Hand Cannon - Hand Cannon - Due to devastating damage when it hits the target and can be use as a melee weapon when it fails on battle.

The Battle:

The setting was on a Wallachian forest in which Attila and a group of his soldiers are traveling back home after his conquest of Europe. They Suddenly stopped to see a forest of people impaled through large wooden stakes. The Huns were shocked and decided to run away, but Attila Persuaded them to check what was going on. As they marched through the forest, they were attacked by a group of warriors representing Vlad the impaler himself.

Both sides drew their weapons and attacked each other to the death, Attila Managed to strike a dealy blow with his arrow on a wallachian soldier and laughed after his kills him. A soldier manages to shoot one of the Hun with his personal hand cannon and used the war spike on him too for good measures. But the soldier was untimely killed with an Ax to the cranium due to being careless in the battle. The Huns Managed to shoot arrows to the wallachian infantry in which was direct and accurate. They on the other hand fires back with their steel crossbow and hand cannons , in which the hand cannons were more effective of their weapons.

It killed numerous huns but left one standing and it was Attila the Hun. He killed all the Wallachian soldiers by arrows to the guts and head individually. the Wallachian soldiers decided to load their hand cannons but they were too late, they were struck by arrows quickly as possible and they were dead on the scene. One Wallachian soldier had decided to cross swords with Attila in which he charged diretcly with his kilij. Once they cross swords the battle intensifies by a sword blow from the wallachian soldier to Attila's armor. it has no effect on him due to the leather lamellar armor being scarred mediumly. Attila Laughed at it and impaled the soldier with the sword of mars. after the fight Attila roared in victory thrusting the sword of mars in the air. Until he noticed a man wearing a plated chainmail and has a grinning smile on his face , it was Vlad the Impaler himself.

Attila quickly rode the horse and prepared his bow and charged directly to vlad the impaler. Attila managed to fire his arrow at Vlad, but Vlad Used his shield to protect himself from the oncoming arrow. Vlad chuckles after this, Attila managed to strike him again and struck his left shoulder. after this Attila unleashed his lasso in order to drag Vlad to his death. Vlad on the other hand prepared his halberg for him. Vlad Swings his Halberd on an charging Attila on horseback Knocking him down and damaging his armor again. Attila gets back up on his feet drew his Battle Axe and picks up a shield. Vlad responds by Charging with his Halberd and the battle rages on between two of history's greatest warrior. Vlad manages to disarm attila's sheild in the process, but Attila retailes by cutting Vlad's Arm causing a small wound to resurface on his skin.

Vlad manages to continue his attack with the halberg until it was stuck on a tree branch. Attila manages to find an opening and prevent Vlad from retriving the Halberg. Vlad manages again to throw a punch on attila's face dazing him for a moment and dropping his battle axe on the ground. Vlad manages to draw his custom made Kilij and attacks attila head on. Attila on the other hand manages to draw the sword of mars and engage Vlad in a duel to the death. Attila's blade landed on Vlad's left check causing to pour blood from his face. Vlad laughs at it and licks the wound from his face. Vlad gets Attila back by slashing him on his right leg for even measures. They continue their swords battle until they reach the top of the hill in which attila manage to spear the sword of mars on Vlad's right shoulder disarming him with the kilij. Attila sees the final opputunity to decapitate Vlad with his sword but vlad once again uses his shield in order to protect himself from the sword blow from Attila.

Vlad uses his shield as an offensive weapon and struck Attila on the side of his head knocking him down for awhile. Vlad crawls down and finds a loaded hand cannon in which he picks up quickly. Attila regains consciousness and finds Vlad at the end of the hill. Vlad notice Attila regains his strength and attacks him head on using the war spike embedded on the hand cannon. once again they traded blow for blow with their weapons, But this time Vlad swings the club with enough power to snap the Sword of Mars in half. Vlad, then proceeds to swing the club into Attila's collar bone with the exact same power in which sends Attila the Hun to the ground once again with intense bleeding. Vlad began lighting the hand cannon and shoots Attila the Hun in the guts which kills him immediately.

Unsatisfied Vlad Impales the Hun into a large wooden stake in the middle of the forrest. Vlad raises his arms in victory along with his Kilij and Hand cannon. making Attila the Hun his latest victim up to date.

Attila the Hun

Sword of Mars - 134 kills

Battle Axe - 209

Hunnic Composite bow - 230

Lasso - 0


Vlad the Impaler

Kilij - 256

halberd - 310

Steel Crosbow - 15

Hand Cannon - 110


In conclusion, the match up was nearly close in the end but Attila the Hun was outclassed and out gunned by the Animal ferocity of Vlad the Imapaler Making him the winner of the Back for blood deadliest warrior