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Update from Comic-Con!

by nathanbloch   July 25, 2008 at 2:55PM  |  Views: 74


1. Robocop has definitely been green lit by MGM with Darren Aronofsky helming the project. God help us all. If there is a fountain, a mathematician or a single syringe at any point in the film I’m walking out.

2. The unlikely pair of actors Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg are the leads in an adaptation of Cocaine Cowboys, a documentary from 2006. Wahlberg will get to practice his squint and breathless delivery, Berg – the director of Hancock and The Kingdom – will switch it up and act for a change.

3. They’re making a Tron sequel! This is either going to be very cool or very lame, but either way it’s very funny. I suppose it’s a bad sign that they’ve already devised the most confusing, nonsensical title they could, Tr2n.  If you can pronounce that you should be allowed to star alongside Jeff Bridges, who probably hasn’t yet been able to pronounce it.

4. Like a man who never knows when to leave good enough (well, mediocre enough, anyway) alone, George Lucas has declared his intention of making all 6 of the Star Wars films 3D. Is there any way he can also make Jar-Jar Binks 0D?

5. A game for the iPhone and iPod Touch is in development based on Dexter. It is apparently going to be episodic. Sounds good to me.

6.  As if we were ever in doubt, there will, in fact, be another Harold and Kumar film. Between everything Judd Apatow produces and the Harold and Kumar movies, stoners should be able to get high for a year straight and never lack stoner-oriented entertainment.