Mantenna - Paul McCartney Gets Married on John Lennon’s Birthday

October 10, 2011
Paul McCartney gets married on John Lennon's birthday, texting is destroying your neck, and Terrell Owens is hospitalized for a possible drug overdose…happiness is a warm Mantenna!

Paul McCartney Gets Married on John Lennon's Birthday

Photo: Danny Martindale/Getty Images Entertainment

Alongside friends and family, Sir Paul McCartney tied the knot once again with his fiancee Nancy Shevell in London yesterday on the same day his former Beatle bro John Lennon would have turned 71-years-old. "I feel absolutely wonderful," McCartney told the press following the ceremony. After ending his not-so-awesome marriage to Heather Mills back in 2008, McCartney seemed to be extremely excited about the big day with Shevell. "It has been a wonderful, terrific day, I feel married." After the ceremony was over, the newlyweds headed over to McCartney's St John's Wood abode for the reception. The pair gleefully greeted a gaggle of press when they arrived and eventually celebrated the grand day with their guests. Congrads, guys! [Billboard]

Texting Is Destroying Your Neck, According to Chiropractors

Texting. It's a real pain in the neck. No, literally. Especially if you're big. Apparently standing around hunched over your phone can actually cause a repetitive stress injury that can become arthritic without treatment. This is according to an association of British chiropractors who say they're seeing the problem and, of course, that they can treat it in their offices. Or you could just exercise regularly, which they say also helps, or even, God forbid, hold your phone up instead of keeping it at your waist like a $600 digital belt buckle.[Telegraph]

Terrell Owens Hospitalized for Possible Drug Overdose

Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images Sport

According to reports from TMZ, dramatic wide receiver Terrell Owens was hospitalized late last week in Los Angeles for a possible prescription pill overdose. The report obtained by the celebrity blog site states that Owens was rushed to the hospital by paramedics Thursday night after a 911 call reported a possible overdose at an apartment where the free agent was apparently staying. Police were indeed called to the scene, but T.O. was already on his way to the hospital. For those of you that don't know, Owens was hospitalized back in 2006 after overdosing on the pain medication hydrocodone. More to come… [ESPN]

Weiners Just Keep Getting Tiger Woods in Trouble

Poor Tiger. Even after he apologizes, straightens up and flies right, he's still suffering at the hands of weiners. In this case, though, it was a hot dog flung at him. Yep, the golf pro better known for his off-course exploits got beaned by a weenie. His only warning was the man in question yelling "Tiger!", and then splat. The cops caught the sausage-tosser who, shockingly, turned out to be intoxicated. Don't worry, Tiger, we're sure someday they'll leave you alone. [TMZ]