A Video Game That Refuses to Work Because You Suck at It

July 11, 2011

In most games, it's a simple rule: if you screw up, you lose a life and you have to start over again. A Dutch gaming company had a different idea: make it so if you stunk at the game, it started breaking the game. For everybody.

No, we're serious. Meet GlitchHiker, the game you can't play because everybody sucks at it. Oh, you can download the game from its official site...but it won't work. And before you ask, no, it will never work again. The entire game has been lost. And if you played it, you should feel bad since the rest of us can't play it.

The basic idea was this: as you play the game, the better you do, the easier the game becomes. The worse you do, the harder the game becomes, as it begins to glitch out. And just to add to the problem, each download of the game was tied to the Internet, meaning how other players did also affected your game. Kind of like that guy who runs around shooting his own team in multiplayer, except all arty.

Thus unleashing this thing on a bunch of gamer nerds who like to see things break was probably a bad idea, but the team did it nonetheless. Amazingly, it managed to survive almost six months before getting killed off. On the bright side, it did win the team behind it a few awards, so there's that.

Maybe other game developers could do us a favor and introduce this into online multiplayer. There are a few players who need to be "inspired" to do better we could think of.

Photo: Stanislav Solntsev/Digital Vision/Getty Images