Roy Nelson: Life After Kimbo

October 7, 2009

Welcome back.  This week we find out how Marcus Jones has good days and bad days. We might actually see Kimbo fight once more… or not. On this show we also find out if Rashad's Team is going to rack up, staying undfeated in fight picks since his team has not lost yet. I don't want to get in trouble for revealing anything, so I will just say Kimbo starts to train with Coach Van and he picks up six new wrestling tricks, and is ready to be tagged in. He may never get called, but he’s ready.
The show starts right after my fight with Kimbo's, and then Kimbo and Abe have a heart-to-heart about how they deal with their losses. Kimbo and Abe and I had this discussion about people who are a real fighters and those who just do this because it's cool. The question is simple, "After you lose what is the first thing you want to do?" Abe said he wasn't sure, mine and Kimbo's answer was simple, “Get back in gym and be better fighter,” which I thought was awesome and that is why I showed him the crucifix move I used in our fight and how to escape it.
Next scene we have Big Marcus Jones, otherwise known now as “Big Baby,” having a hot flash where he was barley going to make it. Marcus is an extraordinary athlete and he now puts his body through the ringer more then when he played football. You can see how his body starts to break down, and how much MMA takes out of you. That is why every season you don't know if you are going to be able to stay healthy for three fights. Matt Hamill is the best example. He was a stud but then was forced out of competition with an injury and Michael Bisping took advantage, winning the third season.
Now we get to see the rest of the team since Kimbo and myself are no longer in the spotlight. Kimbo lost and I start to listen to the coaches so I am being a good boy; no drama. We learn how Matt played football with no helmet and he starts to tell Scott Junk about who’s fighting next and who he is fighting, bla, bla, bla. I thought this was a great strategy since Matt was there to win and he wanted the best opportunity to make it as far as he could. Brendan, you see him talking to the coaches about the match-up changes, and wanted the easier route, which is the smartest thing any fighter can do in this situation.

Fight pick was Brendan vs. Demico, which was good match-up for Rampage’s team since you had two guys with more all around skill sets. So it made this fight very interesting to watch. In the first round, Demico's inexperience showed with a bad shot, but then he reshoots and gets the takedown and is working from guard. Then he passes his guard and tries to get greedy with mount, but Brendan reverses the position and now is on top. Demico is lost so he tries to go to knees and Brendan uses his Greg Jackson jiu jitsu and tapouts Demico.
We see Rampage lose another because of the quality of coaching again. Rashad is looking to improve next week, but Kimbo wants to join team Rashad and take Matt’s place or I think Rampage tells Matt to fake an injury because he "Pitys a Fool."
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