Spartan vs Roman Centurion

January 28, 2011

A Spartan, the fierce warriors who were known for their strength at Thermopolyee fights a Roman Centurion, the Roman Commanders whos brutal assaults led Rome to counquer their enemies with an Iron Fist.It will be a fight to the death to see who is THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

(These Pictures were such a b*tch to put in. BTW, In MY opinion, the Spartan pic. is awesome:), dontcha think?)



-I am getting rid of that damn Scorpion. Friggen Seige Weapons on 1VS1 My left foot!

-Pugio Sword will be added.


The Spartan attacks with:

Short Range: Xiphos Short Sword

Medium Range: Dory Spear

Long Range: Javelin

Special Weapon: Hoplon Shield

Armor: Bronze/Wooden Shield, Bronze

Tactics: Phalnax


The Roman Centurion Strikes back with:

Short Range: Gladius Short Sword, Pugio Sword

Medium Range: Hasta Spear

Long Range: Pilum Javelin (2)

Special Weapon: Dolabra Pickaxe

Armor: Butted Chainmail & Large Scrutum Shield

Stragety: Exploit the enemies Weakness

Xiphos Short Sword vs Gladius Short Sword and Pugio Sword EDGE: EVEN

Each of these weapons can pierce armor (no so sure about Pugio though) but each have a Gigantic Shield to go though. And obiously they arent getting though that.

Dory Spear vs Hasta Spear EDGE: Dory Spear

The Dory is longer and will pierce armor, as for the Hasta...I dont know.

Javelin vs Pilum Javelin EDGE: Pilum Javelin

The Javelin is innacurate but both can be used for short range. However if the Pilum can go into the rim of the Spartans Shield, it will dig into the shield at an angle its unremoveable. So the Spartan will have a hard time trying to use his Shield as a weapon with a 2 Big Javelins in them.

Hoplon Shield vs Dolabra PickAxe EDGE: Hoplon Shield

The Dolabra has superior reach and will destory lots of armor, but it cant be used for defense like the Hoplon can.

Bronze/Wooden Shield, Bronze vs Butted Chainmail & Large Scrutum Shield EDGE: Spartan

The Shields are even as both can be used for offense and defense as each cover the body. But Bronze beats Chainmail.

Phalnax vs Exploit the enemies Weakness EDGE: EVEN

Exploiting Weaknesses is great but how are you gonna exploit a Phalnax Position? Going around? Not when it's 1V1 and your enemy is facing you!



Short Range: EVEN

Medium Range: Spartan

Long Range: Roman Centurion

Special Weapon(s): Spartan

Armor: Spartan

Stragety: EVEN

(Talk about edge Overkill...)



-Area: Open town

-The name in the simulation is not intended towards anyone.

-No more comments. Wait, isnt this a comment?



A Spartan is trying to find a Helot Slave to kill to pass one of his rigouris (spellin fail) test. He looks around town but thinks to make it easier, steals some of the average Spartan Troops weapons from the storage, only stealing the weapons he's experianced with and walks around town.

The Roman Centurion however, was getting ready for battle when the Leader tells the troop that the scout is sick and he must go scout out the area. The Centurion grabs his weapons and runs/walks/jogs/skips to the city. But the Centurion is more than furious because his bro has kiled by a Rajput and thinks the area he thinks where the Rajput is.



The Spartan and Roman Centurion each walk and meet up at one neutral area. It has become dark, but not dark enough to be unable to see and each get their weapons ready. The Spartan yells (in greek) "I have killed a Ninja and a Samurai! What makes you think you can defeat ME?!?!" The Centurion, unafraid replies with "You killed my brother Octavio you sick bastard! I shall avenge Octavio by spewing your Blood!!!"

The Spartan takes out his Javelin and throws it at the Centurion, the Javelin misses and the Centurion sets up his Dolabra & Scrutum near a tree as he gets a 1 of his 2 Pilums ready. The Centurion throws his Pilum as the Spartan charges with his Spear and Shield. The Pilum digs into the rim of the Shield as the Centurion grabs his other Pilum. The Spartan tries ripping the Javelin out but cant as the Centurion throws his other, but misses. The Centurion then grabs his Scrutum and takes out his Gladius. The Spartan decides to fight with the Pilum in his Shield. He looks up to see the Centurion yelling  "(Sing-song voice/Taunting)"Come and get me!(whispering) You F*g!" As he taps/bounces the Gladius against the Scrutum. The Spartan charges and thrust the Spear, the Centurion ducking and cutting the Spears head off. The Spartan takes out his Xiphos. Each start clanging swords. The Centurion throws a stab at the Spartans head but he uses the Shield to knock the Gladius away.

The Centurion now takes out his Puigo Sword and each start clanging again. However this time each warrior knocks away each others sword. The Spartan throws an upward slam at the Centurion, causing him to start flying backwards. The Centurion starts to run away where his Dolabra is. The Spartan eventually catches up but the Centurion locks the Shield with his PickAxe and swings it around, turning hin entirely around. The strain from his arms and from the sheer weight of the Dolabra causes the Spike to aim more downward. The Dolabra pierces the back of the Spartans chestplate and digs into his back. The Spartan roars in pain as he tries to rip the PickAxe out. The Centurion then slams the Spartan back and the Centurion starts chasing him. The Centurion starts to run for his Xiphos and the Spartan runs for his Xiphos. The Spartan grabs it and thrusts it into the Centurions hip. The Centurion falls down as the Spartan stabs the Hamstring repeatedly, causing him to fall down. The Centurion starts coughing up blood as he looks up and says "Octavio, I am sorry I couldnt avenge you, I shall meet you in Heav-". But before the Centurion can finish, the Spartan smashes his head open like a nutshell with his shield. The Spartan raises his Short Sword in the Air and yells "SPARTA!!!". The Spartan then finishes by saying "Hmm, time to add this warrior to my list, haha!"



The reason the Spartan won is because he had superior weapons that can pierce Chainmail whereas the Centurion had weapons that could pierce Pure Bronze.



Hoplon Shield: 289 Kills

Dory Spear: 257 Kills

Xiphos Short Sword: 31 Kills

Javelin: 0 Kills


The Hoplon Shield easily sent the Centurion to his grave with an outstanding 289 Kills.

The Dory's superior length got an awesome 257 Kills.

The Xiphos's range but its armor piercing potential got 31 Kills.

The Javelins inaccuracy and innacuracy couldnt even get 1 measly kill.


Roman Centurion Kills: 423 KILLS

Gladius: 213 Kills

Dolabra: 129 Kills

Hasta Spear: 58 Kills

Pugio: 23 Kills

Pilum Javelin: 0 Kills

The Gladius's ability to use the Gladius so efficiantly got 213 Kills.

The Dolabra's armor piercing power but slowness got 129 Kills.

The Hasta Spear's length got 58 Kills.

The Pugio got so little kills because the Centurion perfered the Gladius.

The Pilum is like the Black Egg, it helped disable the shield but got 0 Kills as well.


UP NEXT: A Samurai, Japans Honorable followers of Bushido fights an Aztec Jaguar, The warriors who killed without mercy to sacrafice to the gods.