The Los Angeles Lakers Would Like to Compete Against Less Teams

January 21, 2011

Super powerful lady executive Jeanie Buss sat down with the Wall Street Journal to express some thoughts she has about what would make the NBA a better league. Specifically, how the exciting advantages of contracting teams and taking away jobs could benefit everyone.
Buss, who made the natural leap from Playboy model to Los Angeles Lakers Executive Vice President claims “we may be in some markets we shouldn’t be in” and that “contraction is something we have to consider.”

Although many NBA teams have become financial black holes with mediocre television deals, is evaporating franchises really the answer?

Sure, it would give the Lakers shorter road trips and make it easier to collect the game’s best players (circa 1988), but what would the dozens of die-hard Memphis Grizzlies fans do with their Tuesday nights if they didn’t get to watch Hasheem Thabeet flail aimlessly under the basket?

It just seems wrong. Unless of course you live in Los Angeles, in which case you’ve already started constructing a Tyreke Evans Lakers jersey on

Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images