Meet the World's Most Accurate Mechanical Watch

September 28, 2011

Ah, the wristwatch. It's gone from a crucial fashion accessory to something that announces “I am very old and do not own a cellphone” or maybe “I have a huge amount of money to spend”, depending on the person. We assume this Tag Heuer watch is aimed at the former.

Granted, it is technically impressive. How technically impressive? You'll find, below, a video of the watch in action. We want you to look closely at the center: you might notice something interesting.

Yeah, that hand spinning like a banana propeller? That would be a hand on the watch measuring thousandths of a second.

You know, for all those times you're looking for accuracy in your stopwatch to three decimal places. Now you can finally have it.

This is only a concept, for now, but we expect it to show up in the hands of insane coaches and overcompensating track-and-field athletes any second now.

Source: HODINKEE/TAG Heuer