Mr. Freeze Warms Up for His Close-Up in Arkham City

August 15, 2011

The great thing about the Batman series' villains is the variety. There are just so many awesome characters with unique personalities, behaviors and weapons that it's impossible for an already awesome series to run completely out of steam, although the Batman & Robin movie comes dangerously close. Luckily for us, Arkham City is here to the rescue!

The new series of Batman feature length video games are, however, no exception to the rule and even though there are only two in the series so far, the next has the fanboys lit with giddy anticipation as to who the next villain will be and today, we've gotten another answer.

Mr. Freeze, voiced by the insanely talented voiceman Maurice LaMarche with just the right mix of cold callousness for the character, has been officially announced as the newest villain to the follow-up to the equally insanely popular and critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum game. Mr. Freeze will square off with Batman in Batman: Arkham City, set for release this coming October.

Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment