Deadliest Warrior: BETTER video game concept? PLZ COMMENT AND LIKE

April 19, 2010

Alright so, the concept of the new Deadliest Warrior game is more like the basic type of fighting game. I believe that this is boring and they should have taken a different approach to it. I believe they should have designed the game where you have different types of armor pieces (masks, helmets, shoulders, shins, thighs, torso, etc) and weapon types (slashing, piercing, guns, wooden, etc) and weapon pieces (blade, handle, grip, etc) and the mateial (bronze, iron, wooden, etc) and you design your own warrior(s) from scratch. Then you go through the process of the show, you choose 4-6 weapons, put them through the tests, then they choose which side has the "Edge" for each weapon type, and then they put the data in and you actually watch a simulation where a random scenery is chosen. So basically you could watch a deadliest warrior episode, with a warrior that you created. You could face warriors from the TV-Show, or face randomized warriors that the computer makes, and fight them. Then you can face other peoples creations online. Anyone else think this is a better idea? I think they should have done this. Any comments?

-I know this would be alot of memory so it would proably have to be for PC (who knows, it might work on console)-