Season 2 Back for Blood (Ancient): Redemption

September 26, 2010

Alexander the Great, Aztec Jaguar, Roman Centurion, Celt, Sun Tzu, and Mongol.


Celt: As much as I hate to say it because I'm Irish, the Celt has to be taken away with having weak armor. So he's out.

Aztec Jaguar: Even though he's fast, the Jaguar also lacks great armor.

Roman Centurion: The Centurion doesn't really lack armor, but he is only great with 100 men to back him up.

Alexander the Great: As much as I hate saying it, Alexander is out because his Gastraphetes and Ballista are too slow. Sorry, Alex.


Alexander the Great, Aztec Jaguar, Roman Centurion, Celt, Sun Tzu, and Mongol.


SHORT RANGE: Jian Sword.


LONG RANGE: Repeating Crossbow.

SPECIAL: Flaming Arrows.




LONG RANGE: Bow & Arrow.

SPECIAL: Flanged Mace.

To even up the Special, Mid, and Short Range Weapons, Sun Tzu will have...

Sun Tzu:

Short Range: Dao Sword.

Medium Range: Snake Spear.

Long Range: Repeating Crossbow.

Special: Zhua.


Short Range: Ild Sword.

Medium Range: Glaive.

Long Range: Bow & Arrow.

Special: Flanged Mace.


Dao vs Ild. Edge = EVEN!

Both Swords are very lethal and great at slashing. As I see it, they're even.

Snake Spear vs Glaive. Edge = Glaive.

The Glaive has a longer blade and can be used to kill man and beast.

Crossbow vs Bow. Edge = Bow.

The bow can shoot faster, much longer range, and is a little more accurate.

Zhua vs Mace. Edge = Zhua.

Hate to say it, but the Zhua gets the EDGE due to having a crushing side, a ripping-your-face-off and taking-away-weapons side. Plus it has superior length.


Sun Tzu is seen walking throughout a forest with five of his men. His trusty right-hand man says, "I dunno Sun, I've heard stories that Mongolia has these crazy weirdos, and don't you remember seeing that crazy Vlad guy?" Sun Tzu didn't answer. Sure enough, however, the trusty right-hand man was right. They ran into six Mongol's, one of which turned out to be Ghengis Kahn. Each of the Mongol's held up their bows and shot arrows. Sun Tzu gave a single and all of them rose their shields. However, one was too slow and got hit in the neck. Tzu = 5. Kahn = 6.

After the rain of arrows, Tzu and his men pulled down their shields, and shot their crossbows. Kahn and his men pulled up their shields too, but one was it in the heart and died within seconds. Tzu commanded his men to pull out their spears and swords, and commanded to charge. Kahn did the same, and soon it was a bloody war. A Mongol swung his flanged mace and destroyed the head of a Chinese follower. He heads toward another Chinese infantry, but he lifted a zhua, grabs the mace, pulls it away, and destroys the face of the Mongol. Tzu = 4. Kahn = 4.

Ghengis takes out an ild and slashes the head off the zhua user. An arrow comes at him, but he was able to pull up his shield at the last second, and ran closer to the Tzu follower, and stabs him in the stomach, turns it, and pulls it out to the right and half of the body is torn. As Kahn turns, he sees one of his men get stabbed by a weird shaped spear. Tzu = 2. Kahn = 3.

Kahn faces the spear wielder, but before he can stab again, Kahn ducked, but the spear hit the chest of a Mongol behind his leader. Kahn runs and comes back with his glaive, and battles in a spear vs spear fight. Eventually, the glaive sliced into the neck of his enemy. Kahn runs to his last man, but he sees a dao being wielded by Sun Tzu cut the neck of the last Mongol. Tzu = 1. Kahn = 1.

Sun Tzu whispers to himself, "He was right. My best man was right." After taking out the ild again, Kahn and Tzu clashed their swords together for several minutes. Eventually, Kahn slashed the legs of Tzu and he dropped his dao. The ild was swung again and decapitated the Chinese Miliatar Leader's head. Tzu = 0. Kahn = 1.

Mongol: 563.

Ild: 205.

Glaive: 171.

Bow & Arrow: 85.

Flanged Mace: 102.

Sun Tzu: 437.

Dao: 152.

Snake Spear: 90.

Repeating Crossbow: 71.

Zhua: 124.