Erin Andrews Gets Down With Diddy

February 4, 2010

Miami may be one of the most exciting places to party on the planet, but for fans of marginally adequate rap music and extremely hot sportscasters, this Sunday in South Beach is going to be one of the greatest night of your life.

According to reports, Erin Andrews will be hosting a Super Bowl bash this week with the artist formally known as Puff Daddy at the Fountainbleu hotel in Miami.

Apparently it’s open to the public, so if you happen to be wandering around wasted at the end of the game in a Saints jersey, jean shorts, and Drew Brees face paint – come on in!

If there are two things hot blonde women, the music world, and South Beach are all known for – it’s an accepting nature and refusal to adopt a superficial attitude.

Have fun, kids.

Source: Mark Zirrilli/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images